Raptr Q & A Summary

The list of questions and answers on the main Q & A page is huge, so if you'd rather just have an overview, read this one. It's still fairly long, but much shorter than the full Q & A page.

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Lady Insanity

The Inquisitor

  • Will be addressed by their surname as well as "Inquisitor"
  • The reason you are where you are as well as opportunities in the story will be affected by Race/Class
  • Will have a set background based upon your race/class choice
  • Voice Actors:
    • British male: Harry Hadden-Patton
    • British female: Alix Wilton Regan
    • American male: Jon Curry
    • American female: Sumalee Montano
  • Your Inquisition and your character can decide if they are religious or not. The Inquisition stands outside of the church
  • The surnames of the Inquisitor are:
    • Human- Trevelyan
    • Elven - Lavellan
    • Dwarven - Cadash
    • Qunari  - Adaar
  • The Inquisitor will meet people who think they’re a holy figure; how you react to that is up to you. They will also meet people who don't give a hoot who they are


  • The crafting is really deep, for example you can create a hilt separately from a blade then put them together, modify them, enchant it etc. Crafting is based on templates, rather than recipes, meaning you have a choice of what materials to use which will then change the finished items stats and appearance. There's lots more too it which we'll go into at a later date.
  • Dye is still being looked at

Character Creation

  • Character creation, customization, crafting of armor etc is all the deepest Bioware has ever done for a game
  • Freckles may be available on presets
  • The character creator is before the opening cinematic
  • Each gender can choose between 2 voices. Pitch and tone cannot be adjusted.
  • Lots of lip options, and they are working to provide as many hair options as possible
  • No demo or character creator is planned prior to release
  • No body sliders, freckles (unless on presets), or heterochromia, although there is an option to control the outer color of the iris and another for inner color, and scars will be available
  • Qunari will get customizable horns

Companions & Advisors

  • Banter uses an opt-in system that will time out and carry on if you don't use it
  • There are still companion quests in Inquisition
  • Recruitment of companions is more fluid throughout the game (not like ME2 which had specific companion fetch quests), and it's possible to miss them
  • It matters a lot who you take with you on quests
  • Companions can be spoken to any time at base, but not on the battlefield
  • We can hug some of our companions
  • You can evolve your companion's opinions over the course of the game
  • Advisors will not travel in your party but you do interact with them at youir base
  • Advisor's approval is handled different from companions
  • Approval system is very different from the prior games - based on things you say and do, and there are no universal gifts. Each follower does have their own set of goals they want to achieve and if you help them, they will appreciate it.

Weapons / Armor / Loot

  • There will be really awesome items to find and craft in the game
  • No dual-wielding warriors
  • No pole-arms
  • You can change your companions' weapons and tailor them to fight a different way as they level up
  • Weapons are restricted by class, just as before
  • Varric can equip double daggers, but will equip no other bow except Bianca
  • Weapons and armor for yourself and companions are customizable: look, stats, enchantments
  • You can craft armor that does not match your class, but normal armor is still class restricted

Returning Characters

  • No Mabari Warhound companion, Shale or Zevran (although Zevran may get mentioned, depending on prior choices)
  • We'll be seeing lots of Morrigan, but she is not a romance option
  • There are a number of returning NPC's, including Dagna and Flemeth, and cameos from the book characters
  • We may see Gideon Emery again


  • There will be quick travel to Inquisitions camps which you've set up in the world and which have your soldiers in them
  • Areas will unlock as we have the need to go to them
  • There will be plenty to do and explore after the main story line is over; some regions were created especially for that
  • There will be a mini map, custom plot markers, and you can mark any quest as the active one
  • "Different areas of knowledge" have replaced the old persuade skill, and these areas will unlock opportunities for your Inquisition
  • Our Inquisitor's specialization (if any, you can choose 1 or none) will affect the story
  • There will be a "goodly dose" of side missions, including Red Jenny
  • Your base/keep will have a ton of people to talk to and things to do
  • Game difficulty ranges from Easy to Nightmare, just as with the previous games. No story mode yet. Nightmare will be "pretty brutal"
  • There will be different weather systems and lots of appropriate wildlife
  • Cross-class combos are returning
  • Dragons will forecast their attacks, allow you to prepare to block, get out of the way or even take advantage of what's about to happen
  • Overall tone for dialogue is more neutral, until you hit what is called a "reaction" hub, where you can respond more strongly, often to questions, by being pleased, stoic, angry, sad, etc.
  • The tactical combat is more like DAO with the tactical camera (extra improved) and the real-time combat is slower with more weight behind the attacks, defense, hits etc.
  • You can start and stop combat and jump to any group companion like usual
  • Level cap is 25-30
  • Your decisions have impacts throughout the entire game, not just the end. For example, there's parts of the game you'll only see if you make particular choices
  • Positioning, traps and other preparatory abilities are available
  • There will be returning abilities and spells from the previous games, plus many new ones


  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is a more contiguous time period than DA2.
  • System requirements for PC will be out before launch; in the meantime, look at the requirement for Battlefield 4, as they will probably be similar
  • "Faith" and "Leadership" are major themes (although the Inquisition is not religious, as stated earlier)
  • No toolset at launch
  • Doubtful there will be Console commands
  • Cameron Lee is personally responsible for a few hundred nug deaths
  • Lighting in Frostbite is the most noticeable improvement over Eclipse
  • Bioware may release the full HD video of the E3 demo

Dragon Age Keep / Prior Game Decisions

  • The invite pool for the beta gets larger with every round
  • Decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 will matter. Decisions will be explained and have art to help you remember.
  • It will be easy for someone new to the games to jump into Inquisition
  • The Keep will be released before launch so we can set up our world states; no date is set yet
  • There will be a pre-made default world state if you don't want to or can't use the Keep
  • Bioware is still investigating being able to import saves to the Keep
  • The Keep will be free

Game Versions / Physical Goodies / DLC

  • Bioware cannot yet reveal the mysterious item listed in the Deluxe version
  • The devs have no control over inventory of any of the game editions
  • No launch-day or blooper-reel DLC is planned
  • Items in the physical deluxe edition for UK/Europe will be made available for purchase separately


  • There will be 8 romances, 2 of which have racial preferences and at least one of which is not a companion or advisor
    • Later clarified by Sheryl Chee: There are 8 within the companion/advisor group. See clarification
  • Cullen and Cassandra are straight
  • Josephine ("Scribbles") was revealed and is bisexual


  • Your companions will disappear when you are on a mount until you dismount, and there will not be any party banter while mounted
  • Horses are not the only mounts available; one is a halla (Red Hart), and a lizard-like horse was mentioned
  • There will be many different mounts, but none will fly
  • Mounts will be received mostly through quests


  • You do not need to have read any any of the books or comics prior to playing Inquisition
  • There are no half elves in DA. The Human side always dominates the appearance. Hence Alistair