Raptr Q & A July 8, 2014

Bioware held a Q & A session at the Raptr site on July 8, 2014 for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There were about 450 comments answered, many of which contained multiple questions. Apologies for any duplicates - there shouldn't be many, but due to the way the Raptr site presented the answers, it's inevitable that there are a few.

If you'd rather not read through this entire page, there is a summary here.

Bioware attendees (initials marked next to where they answered):
MD: Mark Darrah
ML: Mike Laidlaw
CL: Cameron Lee


Q: How will the crafting mechanisms work? Will it be closer to origins crafting style or 2s?
A: It isn't really like either. It is deeper than either of those.
A bit hard to explain here.
We will have a deep dive at some point (MD)

Q: Are we able to dye our followers clothes different colors?
A: More on crafting later. A few things are still in flux (MD)
A: It's worth noting that follower armors, etc, will change color as you equip new gear. As to dye, however, that's still being looked at. (ML)

Q: So, you guys keep talking about how awesome your crafting system is, any new details about alchemy and such?
A: Well you can make bombs full of bees :p
Yep the crafting is really deep, for example you can create a hilt separately from a blade then put them together, modify them, enchant it etc. Crafting is based on templates, rather than recipes, meaning you have a choice of what materials to use which will then change the finished items stats and appearance. There's lots more too it which we'll go into at a later date. (CL)

Q: So...umm..I love how the mages' outfits look in this game,but I'm going to roll a rogue for my first playthrough.
Can I make a mage-looking armor but with bonuses that fit a rogue?
A: If you collect the stuff to craft it, yes. (ML)
A: It is possible to do with the crafting system, yes (MD)

Q: Can we dye armor different colors?
A: More on crafting soon (MD)

Q: Can we craft Health/Mana/Stamina potions with the materials/plants we find?
A: You sure can! Plus lots of other potions too. (CL)

Q: Will we need a certain crafting skill to make better equipment for our Inquisitor?
A: We'll reveal more info on the crafting soon.  (CL)

Q: Will we need a certain crafting skill to make better equipment for our Inquisitor?
A: We'll reveal more info on the crafting soon.  (CL)

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Character Creation

Q: Any chance that Bioware will show off the new Character Creator before release, to give fans a peek at who their Inquisitor can be?
A: There is a chance. We will see. We SHOULD do a video at least. (MD)

Q: Can you tell me more about female hairstyles ? According to me, it's really important to create a beautiful character I'll be proud to play with. In previous iterations, the customization was not so great... I mean, I would like to see more long hair, feminine haircuts and gowns. Have you improved it in DAI ?
A: We are trying to get more hairstyles.
There are a weird number of bald people on our art team... (MD)

Q: Will character creation options be more varied and unique from previous games? Ex// curly, wavy, or kinky hair. Different lip shapes (there has only been 1 lip option in previous games, yet mass effect had many options in all 3 games?) Or a wide variety of skin colors. This is kind of stretching it but will we also be able to choose our body type/shape in inquisition?
A: There are a lot of lip options now.
We are working to get more hair options
No body type choices, sorry (MD)

Q: Can you adjust the pitch of the inquisitor's voice from the four base voices?
A: Not at the moment. (MD)

Q: Will the face of the character be fully customizable?
A: Absolutely! You can create and customize your character to look and play how you like. Race, gender, class, specialization, face/head  (CL)

Q: Are female hairstyles long or just short??
A: We're seeing how long we can make them without massive problems/clipping  with the armor. It's more a tech issue than anything, and something we'll keep working on as we work with Frostbite. (ML)

Q: Can we play Qunari who were once born in the qun and left it of their own will?
A: Not in Inquisition, but it's an interesting story angle we might pursue at some point in the future.  (ML)

Q: What's the range of qunari skin tones for Inquisition? All metallic colors? Bronze? Gold? Copper? Silver?
A: I think you're thinking of D&D dragons ;)
They have a range from darker to lighter tones. (ML)

Q: So, will we finally create our hero in light room?
A: We're actually tweaking the lighting in the space used for character generation today. We will continue to tweak! (ML)

Q: Can you give Qunari Inquisitors claws? :>
A: Umm, what?
No. (MD)

Q: Scars and/or freckles- an option in the CC? Thanks for replying to our questions btw :)
A: Both. (ML)
A: Scars - Yes
Freckles - No (MD)

Q: How in-depth is the character customization?
A: Really in depth (MD)

Q: How elaborate is the character creator? I know we have choices between the different races but I was wondering on physical features.
A: Oh yes.
The is an option to control the outer color of your Iris. And another for inner color. (MD)

Q: You spoke of changing inner and outer iris colors. Will there be options like red, yellow, purple, non-natural colors, etc?
A: Hopefully (MD)

Q: Will we get long hair for male inquisitors? Or at least shoulder-length?
A: Inquisition in the front. PARTY OUT THE BACK. (ML)

Q: will there be body sliders for the Inquisitor? IE Can we have different body types?
A: No body sliders. Maybe next time (MD)

Q: Can our inquisitors have heterochromia?
A: Unfortunately, no.
The UI was spiraling out of control (MD)

Q: Can I customize my female qunari in such a way that she'll resemble Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, horns, hair and cloth hue (sans wings)? Curious little beastie here.
A: Haven't tried. Maybe (MD)

Q: will we have customizable horns for Qunari? like shapes and size?
A: Yes. Exact controls aren't locked. (MD)

Q: Will there be a demo and/or CC before the release?
A. No Demo or CC planned ATM (MD)

Q: Will the Inquisitor CC be better for females? Like will female hair be better represented? I love having nice hair on my characters(which are mostly female like me) so I would like nice feminine hair. Also, are tattoos available on more than the face now? Also, scars. ;)
A: As mentioned below, we are working to get as much hair variety as possible. (MD)

Q: are the hair options static or are they customizable for example, changing the length? and are there any 'punk'  hair options? :)
A: Likely they will be presets (MD)

Q: Chest hair for Inquisitor?
A: No (MD)

Q: Can we have long hair for male and female characters?
A: We are working to provide as many hair options as possible (MD)

Q: Can we give our qunari Inquisitor goat horns?
A: There's various horn shapes you can give your Qunari characters.  (CL)

Q: Will the character creator be before a big opening cutscene or after, like in DA2?
A: Before (ML)

Q: Will there be different voice choices or will we be stuck with one like in da2. (kind of funny because the voice didn't match my char design very well)
A: Each gender can choose between two voices. So four English voices total plus the localizations we do. (CL)

Q: Very important question here yes how many eyebrow options are there for the Inquisitor?
A: Some but I forget how many (MD)

Q: Are y'all still working on possible freckle options in the CC?
A: Maybe on presets (MD)

Q: How in-depth will character creation be and how customizable are clothing/armor?
A: Character creation, customization, crafting of armor etc is all the deepest we've ever done for a game. (CL)

Q: Will males have the same options in CC as females? Hairstyles, for example. Guys want beautiful long locks, too :)
Conversely, will I be able to give my fem!Quisitor an Alistair cut, because I've been wanting to do that for awhile now.
A: hmm. they are built to different head shapes. Not sure (MD)

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Companions & Advisors

Q: Can you tell us anything about the third, so far unnamed, adviser?
A: soon... (MD)

Q: Is it safe to say the advisors are non-playable companions? Kind of like if you were to leave Leliana at camp all the time in Origins and never bring her along in battle or on quests.
A: Advisors can not be in your party. (MD)

Q: What made you cast Freddie Prinze Jr. as a Qunari?
A: He worked well with our Director for ME3, he loves the games and was really excited for the role and he did a kick-ass audition. (ML)

Q. Can we expect (hope) for DLC involving Varric and the Tale of Bianca?!
A. Can't talk future plans just yet, but we might learn a little more about Varric's past in Inquisition. (ML)

Q: Is blackwall starting his calling?
A: I won't be giving out specific story spoilers here, sorry. (ML)

Q: can I use the iron bull as a mount?
A: His armor's got all those pointy bits. Ill advised. (ML)

Q: I have a question about Cole. He will not romansable, right? So what relationship can be between him and the female Inquisitor?
A: The same as any other Inquisitor, really. (ML)

Q: I heard we might get a Scribbles reveal soon. Is there anything you can tell us about her before then?
A: It will be soon. I've reviewed the details we'll be showing so yep, it's coming. (CL)

Q: Banter questions! Because who doesn't love banter?
1. Will advisors have banter dialogue?
2. Since mounts make your companions disappear, are there only certain areas that trigger banter? Or do you have to walk to hear it?
3. Will their be banter at your holds as well as out and about?
4. Is the banter amazing? Please tell me it's amazing. (Did you laugh a lot while listening? :P)
A: 1. Yep
2. It's a mix
3. Yep
4. It's Barney Stinson level of legendary (CL)

Q: So if a character is classified as an 'advisor' they are not companions correct?
A: Not a follower in your party, correct (MD)

Q: Does Varric have a whole new set of nicknames for everyone, or is he more sombre and serious this time around?
A: Chest hair (MD)

Q: Have any of our companions licked a lampost in winter?
A: Have you? (MD)

Q: who is your favorite companion and why?
A: Sera makes me laugh the most but I really like Bull in combat! (CL)

Q: Will we learn who the other 3 Inquisitor voice actors are prior to release?
A: Yes (?)

Q: What is the loyalty meter based on? In Dragon Age Origins you could easily maxed out their loyalty by giving them cupcakes.
A: Things you say and do. There are no universal gifts. (ML)

A: Since a lot of people are asking I'm going to reveal that out British Male voice actor is:
Harry Hadden-Paton
And the American male Inquisitor actor is Jon Curry (CL)
And the American female Inquisitor's actor is Sumalee Montano.  (ML)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t97Uv0WGXHI Harry Hadden-Paton @1:30 (user)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgCdjc1oGOo for example of Sumalee Montano.

Q: I read on the wiki that the Friends of Red Jenny and Sera have something incommon, so does that mean that those odd sidequests in Origins and DA2 are going to explained?
Also are there any similar come-backs, like the Mages' Collective, Favors for Certain Interested Parties or random people we've helped like missionary Rigby's Last Will and Testament, Jowan, etc?
A: They have something in common. Maybe its a love of red. Who knows? (MD)

Q. Is advisors will also have friendship meter?
A. Their approval is handled different from followers. (?)

Q: Please Bioware, I beg, I'd do anything for even the littlest info about Scribbles ;-;
A: Ok.
Her name isn't Scribbles (MD)
A: Scribbles has a cool accent. (CL)

Q: Very important question: can we hug our companions/advisors?! Thanks (:
A: Some (MD)

Q: Is it true Solas is married and has children?
A: I think that's a show from the 90s (?)

Q: Will advisers leave the inquisition the same way companions can?
A: No (MD)

Q: Will we be able to get Iron bull to throw sera?
A: But she would get a wedge up something fierce! (MD)
A: Think of the mayhem, Mark! MAYHEM. (ML)

Q: Which team members has the best banter in your opinion?
A: Depends on your mood (MD)

Q: How does the mage trio in this game get along? Are Solas and Dorian and Vivienne all at odds with each other?
A: They have different philosophies (MD)

Q: Which companion will surprise the player the most?
A: That's unanswerable since I don't know what surprises you (MD)

Q: Will the companion approval system be more similar to Origins with approval/disapproval or Dragon Age II with friendship/rivalry? Or perhaps something entirely new?
A: We are looking for something a little more obfuscated. (?)

Q: Will the advisors be available as party companions? At least one of them? Will we be finishing off the other two Old Gods? What will be the level cap for the characters? Are there character specific ultimate armor or weapons? Will it be inevitable to lose party members? What did you mean when you said that healing would not come as easily in this game? We know that Sera and Dorian are gender-specific romanceable but what about other characters? For example, will Vivienne be romanceable by both male and female or Cullen by both as well? And lastly, if you had to choose 3 members that introduce a good party dynamic as well as interesting banter while walking around, who would you choose?
A: No advisors will not join the party. (MD)

Q: Could you tell use more about the ''interactive banter'' stuff? How will it work? How did you come up with the idea? fE, if you are on Xbox and there is interactive banter, will little A B Xs appear on the screen? Like '' X - Sarcastic '' you press them and the banter goes on? What if you do nothing?
A: If you do nothing it will time out and continue on its own. (?)

Q: How much interaction is possible with the advisors, compared to that of the companions? Same, less, more?
A: They aren't in your party so that limits the amount if banter you get. Otherwise very similar. (MD)

Q: Will there be an option to give Solas a full head of hair?   Bald elves make me queasy.
A: Inquisition does not support toupees. Consider putting Dorian in your party, as he is neither bald, nor elf! (ML)

Q: Is it true that we don't have an option to put Vivienne in something hideous just to mess with her?
A: All equipment on followers can be changed. But it will look consistent with that character's style (MD)

Q: Does Solas have an Irish accent?
A: I think it is Welsh (MD)

Q: Are the "Advisers of the Inquisition" companions? I had asked this about Leliana (as she is my favorite character in the Dragon Age series) and was met with the response that she will be an NPC from a fellow fan; however, as Cullen is also an Adviser to the Inquisition AND a romance option, I am unsure as to their role in the game. Any answers would be greatly appreciated, as I am ridiculously excited for the return of Leliana; follower or no. Thanks!
A: they are LIs, but not companions.
A: Advisors will not travel in your party but you do interact with them at youir base (MD)

Q: What's Scribbles' name? We need her name!
A: Definitely not Scribbles (MD)

Q: Is Solas's appearance finalized yet? He looks different in every single screenshot we've received.
A: In what way? (MD)

Q: Can you change your companions opinions over the game? Like get them to stop having a hatred of mages?
Ive asked this many times so can I at least know if you cant answer this?
A: Your relationship with your followers can develop, but I would go so far to suggest you change their fundamental personality. (CL)
A: I believe I answered this.
You can evolve their opinions over the course of the game (MD)

Q: In terms of your advisors, how many total are there in the game? Is it just Cullen, Leliana, and Scribbles? Or are there more?
A: Those are the official advisors yes. You'll also have other people around you who are important and you may want to listen too from time to time.  (CL)

Q: So you confirmed that Iron Bull will be bulkier and taller than a male qunari PC; will other companions and advisors also have unique models?
A: All the followers and advisors are unique.  (CL)

Q: Scribbles has been picked up as the nickname of a certain unnamed character - can you tell us how appropriate it is?
A: She's often pictured holding a pen, but I imagine she actually has lovely penmanship, so...YMMV. (ML)

Q: Can we get the 1st letter of scribble's name?
Pretty please? With a nug on top?
A: No (?)

Q: Can we put Iron Bull in a fancy hat? Or any kind of hats on qunari? Do they have to make holes in the top to be able to put them on?
A: Qunari use something other than helms/hats. (ML)

A: Can you please name at least 1 bisexual romance option?
A: I can't.....because you don't know her name yet.

Q: I'd like to register my disappointment that you've decided to disclose Scribe Lady's sexual availability to players before you shared *anything* else about her, including her name. As one of a handful of WOC characters, it's important to treat her with at least the same level of respect as, say, Varric and questions about his romance options. But by making the first thing we know about Scribe Lady be who gets sexual access to her, you're not treating her - or WOC who may identify with her - well at all.
A: There was no intention to slight her character, and I apologize if I did so. (ML)

Q: I'm curious, will we be able to carry conversations anywhere in da:I  like we were in Origins? Or will it be like da:2 where you can only talk during special scenes?
A: You can talk to followers at base whenever you like. But at base, not in the middle of a blood-soaked murderfield (of death). (ML)

Q: How tall is the male Qunari compared to the Iron Bull?
A: A bit shorter (MD)

Q: Can we ask Dorian if we can twirl his moustache?
A: I hope one of the animators made that!! (CL)

Q: Which companions are the funniest when put together in the party?
A: Anything with Sera :) (CL)

Q: I heard somewhere that some companions could be missed. Will there be any reason why a particular companion would be missed?
A: Because you didn't find them, basically. (ML)

Q: Was Sera dead in the demo when that demon tossed her aside?
A: She certainly wasn't having a good day. (ML)

Q: Can you tell us a little something something about Solas? He still seems so mysterious.
A: He spends a lot of time thinking about the Fade. (CL)

Q: I had a question regarding Vivienne. I notice that she is Black. Will there be a variety of races in the game. Previously most of the people you would run into were white by nature. Will she be the only black person in the game or will there be more?
A: Plenty more. Frostbite handles all skin tone a lot better than Eclipse did. (ML)

Q: Is there any other companions besides does already known about, that you haven`t mentioned yet?
A: We have shown all companions (MD)

Q: Are there plans to announce the rest of the voice actors anytime soon?
A: yes (MD)

Breaking News:
Those who wanted to know who "scribbles" was.... Here you go.

Q:  What would Vivienne approve of most: power or survival?
A: Situational (MD)

Q: So, will companions have quest specific comments? Take the Redcliffe Castle quest for example: if you take Vivienne and Solas instead of Bull & Sera-> will they comment on the situation more because it involves magic (and neither Sera or Bull are mages)?
A: Yep it matters a lot who you take with you on quests.  (CL)

Q: Will we learn what Cullens surname is?
A: I think David Gaider gave out his surname a while back? I could be wrong though. (CL)
User: No, he just said the he knew what it was lol

Q: If you had to be stuck in a room for an entire day with one of the companions, who would you choose?
A: Not Cole. He'd freak me the *$%# out! (CL)

Q: Will Cole turn on me?
A: What are you doing to Cole? (?)

Q: if i put a different armor on Varric will his chest hair still stick out
A: depends on the armor (MD)

Q: Will Josephine be harder to romance since she is antivan? And what did you guys have for lunch? Are you having a good day?
A: No
This is a long chat (MD)

Q: Will Josephine write letters to other people around thedas?
A: Maybe Josephine is illiterate and over compensating. (MD)

Q: please tell me there will be a least one romance dialogue with the iron bull that uses the term "Horny"
A: Not sure but given the writer involved... (MD)

Q: Will Iron Bull be romancible by female Qunari Inquisitors?
A: Iron Bull likes bed time Olympics (MD)

Q: Are we going to still have the companion quests from Origens and 2?
A: Yep there's still companion quests in DAI. (CL)

Q: How soon can we expect to pick up our party members? Similar to DA2 where we could recruit them fairly early? Or will we have to progress through the main plot as in ME2 for example.
A: It's throughout the game but it's more fluid than ME2 where you had specific quests to go recruit each companion. Companions in DAI may show up at the strangest of times :) (CL)

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Weapons / Armor / Loot

Q: Is there capes that can be worn?
A: No capes (MD)

Q: I was wondering, are we getting backpacks to increase our inventory once more? Are our mounts capable of preventing us from seeing the feared "Inventory Full" message?
A: Mounts don't currently increase carrying capacity. Good idea though (MD)

Q: Do qunari horns stick up through the fancy hats? it is of vital importance I know how horns interact with fancy hats
A: Qunari don't wear helmets.
They have a different head slot (MD)

Q: Since armors will no have class restriction I was wondering, if I find a chest piece that has +20 strength and stamina and I'm a mage and decide to equip it will the +20 strength be converted to +20 magic but we get reduce willpower? (If the chest piece was heavy armor.)
A: Correction to that: you CAN make armors that do not match your class (plate for mages, etc), but there are still restrictions on normal armors. I think people may have taken "can" as "always." (ML)

Q: Will mage Inquisitors be able to wear heavy armor, or are all of the Inquisitor's outfits class restricted?
A: If you craft the right armor, yes (ML)

Q: Another question pertaining to equipment. Will armor look differently depending on our race or will it be "one size fits all" like in DA: O?
Or will we be able to make a certain kind of armor that has its own style depending on the materials we use like in Skyrim? Like if we want wear Dalish armor we need Ironwood or if we want Dwarven armor we'll need a certain amont and kind of steel?
A: yes (MD)

Q: How in depth will the logistics be in fielding an army? Armor, weapons etc.
A: This is not a quartermaster simulation (MD)

Q: If Mages are weapon and armor class-locked, how can Knight Enchanters wield blades and wear plate?
Armor through crafting, and weapons through "summoning" them?
A: Exactly that. (ML)

Q: Will there be a way to customize the appearance of armors and weapons? For example changing armor A to look like Armor B while retaining its stats.
A: In a way. What you would do is find the template of the new armor you want to look like, then make it from materials which give it the look and stats you want. You wouldn't modify the original armor. (CL)

Q: To what extent can we customize the armor for the companions or the whole Inquisition? For example can the companions wear the same armors as the Inquisitor or they have their own set of armor? In Dragon Age Awakening, the Warden commander could gather materials to outfit the army of the keep with better armors and weapons which lead them to be known as the Silver Order. Can the Inquisitor do the same thing?
A: You can put armor on your followers, or craft it yourself so you can make them look the way you want to look. (CL)

Q: just how customizable are the weapons and armor?
A: More than we've ever done before. You can use different materials to change how items look and the stats of the items, enchant them, make potions etc. (CL)

Q: Can I name armor as well as weapons?
A: I believe so (MD)

Q: Is there any Pole-arms? NOT spears, exactly pole-arms. My weapon-fetish friend wants to hear it.
A: Not for DAI (MD)

Q: Can any character equip any weapon if they have thriving stats for it? Can I be a dual wilding warrior or a bow-toting Mage if the mood struck me? What about companions?
A: Weapons are restricted by class, just as before. Companions can equip any weapon that belongs to their class with the notable exception that Varric will ONLY use Bianca and not another bow. He can go dual daggers, but once you go Bianca, no other bow will do.
And no, we looked long and hard at it, but there are no dual-wielding warriors in DAI. If we do them, they will fight completely different from rogues, and developing that move set was not in the cards for this game. (ML)

Q: Will there be a difference between Magic Staves and Magic "Spears"? It makes no sense for half the weapons to have blades but be unable to use them. An example could be the swinging of your weapon not only launches bolts but also damages nearby enemies, and spears/scythes/etc would do less ranged damage, but more melee?
A: No (MD)

Q: Do we get to switch out companion weapons? Like if a companion starts out with a two-handed sword can we give them a sword and shield? And will our companions also be able to specialize within their class?
A: Yes you can change your companions weapons and tailor them to fight that way as they level up.  (CL)

Q: Is it possible to pick a favourite type of weapon and stick with it for the entire game.
For example as a big fan of Axes, is it possible to keep an Axe up to date or will a shiny new sword with better stats pop up all the time?
A: If you love axes you can keep crafting and enchanting new ones. (CL)

Q: Did Rogues can use swords like in DA:O or only daggers?
A: Daggers up to really large daggers (MD)
A: Daggers. Some are pretty long. (ML)

Q: How will the rarity of loot be classified and will they be colour-coded? (Example: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare).
A: I can't recall the specific names of the categories but there is a colour code to the loot. We didn't want people to miss those unique powerful items. (CL)

Q: Will there be cool legendary items to find by fully exploring the world?
A: There will be really awesome items to find and craft in the game. The team's working on placing them this week actually.  (CL)

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Prior / Returning Characters

Q: Are we likely to ever again run into Jowan, the mage from Redcliffe and the Warden Mage Origins of DAO?
A: I don't remember. Maybe someone else will pick that one up (MD)

Q: I think one of the most intriguing character of the entire DA setting is Flemeth. Are we going to know more about her, her daughters, her daughter's child (Old God Baby), and what are the links between her( or all of them) and the dragons? Even not explain entirely Flemeth's origin or purpouse, but a clue of those.
And... what about Thedas' divinities? The Maker, the Ancestors, elven Gods... they all seem to exist. Maybe there is a way to explain all  of them at the same time?
A: Spoilers
Flemeth will appear.
Spoilers (MD)

Q: How prominently, if at all, will Dagna be featured in the game?
A: Not a follower.
She does appear (MD)

Q: Returning characters from previous games, will we see many familiar faces? And if so, are they just small cameos like DA2 had? And are there any you'd like to mention?
A: There are returning faces. Some are cameos some are followers (Cassandra, Varric) (MD)

Q: Will we see Fenris make a return or at least the voice actor (Gideon Emery).
A: You may indeed see Gideon Emery again. (MD)

Q: How will look Teagan(more like Origins or II version)?
A. Can't say if he will appear. (?)

Q: I'm pretty sure that Loghain will return in cameo, but I need you to confirm that. Could you do that?
A. Can't say if he will appear. (?)

Q: Will Shale be in Inquisition, seeing that the dwarf inquisitor will be a Cadash?
A: Shale isn't in Inquisition. (CL)

Q: Do we get to see what Meredith is up to?
A: Knight Commander Meredith? Er...she's not up to much. (ML)

Q: What is Morrigan's conection with the Inquisition?
A: tenuous (MD)

Q: I want to first of all thank you guys at BioWare for "bothering" with continuing to make romance options available in your games. I know that this causes a lot of controversy, and fans are constantly critical when it comes to this topic (number of romanceable companions, straight/gay options and so on). Nevertheless, we are many who are SO thankful that you enable us to bond with the characters in your games in the way that romance options allows us to do!
My favourite games are, and will continue to be, your games (the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age etc.), and the level of "personal involvement" possible with companions in these games has a lot of say in this matter for me :)
I would like to ask you all how you decide which characters to bring back later in the series, either as companions or merely appearances? (Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Varric)
Is it based simply on wanting to display a higher degree of the importance of the players choices in relation to storylines, or is it also based on fan reactions to certain characters, and our wishes to see them again?
Can't wait to play DAI when it comes out! Thanks in advance for all your hard work!! All the best from Denmark.
A: Thanks KoteDiM. That's really nice to hear :)
To your question. The characters are picked for what makes sense in the story. If fans wanted to see a particular character return but they wouldn't make sense to be in that story it would end up feeling false.   (CL)

Q: Will there maybe be Cameos by characters from the Books?
A: There will be some yes. I can't say who though other than Cole who's not only a cameo but a follower. (CL)

Q: Any chance of seeing Nathaniel Howe, Velanna or Sigrun?
A: 100% chance of seeing all of them in Awakening. DAI? Not saying. (ML)

Q: Will we see the return of some of the recurring npc's such as Bodahn and Flemeth?
A: Yep there's a number of recurring NPC's (CL)

Q: Will Isabela appear in the game?
A: Not answering (MD)

Q: Is Flemeth actually Andraste?
A: Not answering (MD)

Q: Okay, so Jon Curry is voicing male inquisitor.. but.. that doesn't mean Zevran won't be making an appearance, right. Right? D:
A: It doesn't mean that.
But he's not  (MD)

Q: Will Shale return!? And will she be wearing red leather sandals that make her ankles look slim?
A: Not at launch. Maybe later. No current plans (MD)

Q: Will Herren, Wade, Bodahn, and Sandal return and be the suppliers for the Inquisition? Tangent: Will the source of Sandals "not enchantment" abilities finally  be revealed?
A: Not discussing (MD)

Q: Is it true that Sandal is actually the reason the fade is tearing?
A: Is it true that this is leading speculation?

Q: Will this be the last game in the series and will we finally see some more from morrigan?
A: You'll see a lot of Morrigan in Inquisition. (CL)

Q: Can we visit flemeths shack?
A: No (MD)

Q: Will the warden be making an appearance.
A: no comment (MD)

Q: Will their be a Mabari companion I really enjoyed Dog from DA:O
A: No (MD)

Q: Why didnt sten have horns?
A: Some qunari do not have horns. Those are the ones that typically get sent into other parts of the world. (MD)

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Q: Will followers have to run behind you across the landscape when you are on a mount or will they kind of just disappear until you get off your mount or do they get their own auto-mount when you get yours?
User A: Mike Laidlaw confirmed on Twitter that your companions will disappear when you are on a mount until you dismount.
A: Correct (MD)

Q: Are horses the only playable mounts?
A: Nope (MD)

Q. While I know we can purchase armor for the various mounts, will said mounts be customizable and/or offer the player a special power unique to each species?
A. There's different mounts. You can collect them and pick which one you want to ride. (ML)

Q: If no one asked this already I'll be surprised, will there be flying mounts?
A: No (MD)

Q: In the Demo you saw the inquisitor riding a horse, but we couldn't not see if the companions had a mount. Do they have a mount, or do they disappear and you will be alone. And if they have a mount do they automatically get the same as yours or have they a standard mount all the time?
A: The followers disappear when you mount to make it smooth and easy for finding paths, etc. They are back the moment you dismount. (?)

Q: How will we obtain new mounts? Is there going to be a mount taming mini-game like Red Dead Redemption?
A: No mini game.
Most will be acquired through plot (MD)

Q: How will we earn our mounts? Will we come across them in our travels, buy them from merchants and such?
A: Mostly through quests (MD)

Q: Will there be a halla mount? I'd really like to know.
A: Red Hart (MD)

Q: can wild animal be tamed and become mounts?
A: Not generally (no bear mount) (MD)

Q: In the demo at E3, it was mentioned that certain mount has its own perks. What does that mean? Does it boost stats passively or how the world react to the Inquisition? Because there's that scary Bog Unicorn.. I was wondering if that thing will bring fear to people when the Inquisitor is riding it while the red Hart will calm people down..
A: I don't have info on this sorry. (CL)

Q: Is there more than one unicorn in DAI?
A: Well the Bog Unicorn is an undead horse which was killed by someone sticking a sword through it's head... thus it's horn is the sword that killed it :)

Q: Can I ride a Raptor / Giant Deepstalker?
A: You can find a scaled, lizard like horse. (CL)

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Q: How essential will it be that we read the DA books, such as Asunder, The Masked Empire, The Stolen Throne, etc, prior to playing the game?
A: It's not essential at all. The books deal with similar issues and sometimes characters, but DAI is built so that even if you've never heard of the DA world before you play it, you should be able to dive in. (ML)

Q: Will a human mage be family of the previous Dragon Age protagonists? Much like Hawk was the cousin of the hero of Feralden if the hero of Feralden was a human mage.
A: Nope. Humans come from the Trevelyan family. Not related. (ML)

Q: Is necromany a controversial form of magic in Thedas?
A: It's definitely a grey area, but the Nevarrans treat it carefully and with respect.
Most of Thedas burns their dead out of fear of undead, but the Nevarrans don't, so they have their own cultural rituals. (ML)

Q: You revealed the surname of the human Inquisitor, would you oblige us with the rest? :)
User A: The official last are on the dragon age wiki.
   Human- Trevelyan
    Elven - Lavellan
    Dwarven - Cadash
    Qunari  - Adaar
A: That's not tecnically "official" but it is correct. I made sure the names in the saves we showed at PAX were accurate, because I'm good like that. (ML)

Q: Ok so dragon age 1 was my favorite out of the 2 games. I liked the fighting stile better on da2. Ive beaten the first game with every charicter type. My fav was my dalish elf named turrin. In one of the endings i chose to breed my elf with morgan. Will their sons look half elf? And are you planning on bringing back race for charicter selection in the future games? Because honestley that was my favorite thing about dao
A: There are no half elves in DA. The Human side always dominates the appearance. Hence Alistair (MD)

Q. How will death of book(or comic) characters, before events from this book will affect on story(Wynne, Sten, Alistair)?
A. Depends on the character. (?)

Q: Will we ever find out in inquisition what killed Felassan in Masked Empire?
A: You'll probably be able to figure it out... (MD)

Q: Given Yavana's statements in the Silent Grove and their redesign, it seems like dragons have a deeper and more meaningful connection to the world than we know. Will this be expanded upon in the game?
A: You'll have to see (?)

Q: Will there be more lore information about the barbarian tribes, like the Avvar or the Chasind?
A: Yep, maybe you'll even meet some :) (CL)

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Q: Romance options!! Many fans have been holding their breaths ever since it was confirmed that romances can be race/gender restricted. We want to know what our beautiful love interest's cup of tea is, *before* we start playing!
A: More on romances later (or maybe today if someone goes crazy!) (MD)

Q: So will Varric be a love interest? I need to get some of that godly chest hair dwarven action.
A: We get asked about Varric a lot (even here), but we have not discussed any element of his character arc for DAI at this point. (ML)

Q: Is Blackwall going to be romanceable?
A: Soon... (MD)

Q: How many romances are available in Dragon Age Inquisition?
A: "A goodly number" (ML)

Q: Are all companions romance options??
A: Nope. Some just got no time for your business. (ML)

Q: You guys have mentioned before that who the Warden romanced (& put on the Throne) would be important to DA:I
Will Hawke's romance (Sebastian included) & chosen side also be important to DA:I?
A: I don't think -we- explicitly said that, but there's been a lot of conjecture about it, for sure. The fate of the warden will be recorded in the keep and may just come up in some way in the game. Maybe. If you're good. (ML)

Q: Will there be awkward dry humping like in the first two games? :P
A: There will be romance scenes, but not necessarily just focused on sex.
In all cases, we will strive to keep all romantic moments both moisturized and supple, like a well-tended leather jacket, swaying gently on the back of a bar's patio chair in the twilight of the first warm day of the year. (ML)

Q: How in-depth is the romance system?
A: I don't even know how to answer that (MD)

Q. Could we have few romances during one playthrough?
A. You can flirt. (?)

Q: Will Morrigan be a potential romance option?
A: No. that would have resulted in many DA:O fans burning me in a fire. (MD)

Q: Because you haven't already been harassed enough by this type of question: Any news on romance? Whether it's new characters to add to the "romanceable list"; Cullen and Cassandra's sexual orientation(assuming straight/bi); any of the four already announced having race preferences; or just the total number of how many people the Inquisitor can be with across all races and genders?
A: Cassandra - Straight
Cullen - Straight (MD)

Q: Someone said something about romancing villains. I'm so confused because there's so little on it. Clarifications please?
A: I don't recall this statement. I don't think we have a bad guy LI (MD)

Q: Does is concern you that race-restricted romances may be painful/difficult for people in terms of real-life experiences?
A: Of course we're aware that content in our games may be tough for folks, ranging from romance to gore to loss to sadness. Our hope is that people, once informed, can decide whether they're able to engage with certain forms of entertainment. (ML)

Q: Are there romance options outside of companions or advisor
A: Yes at least 1 that I know of (?)

Breaking News:
Since so many people are interested in romances I'll confirm a few things for you.
* There's 8 romances.
* Only 2 of those have any racial preferences (for story reasons)

The combination of the above 2 questions has been clarified by Sheryl Chee:
This is a bit of a misconception. There is at least one character who is not a companion or an advisor whom you can flirt with. When Cameron said that there were eight romances, he was referring to eight romances within the companions and advisors.
So, rejoice or not as you see fit.
Source: Kind email from someone here on the site notifying me of Ms. Chee's post here. Thanks for letting me know!

Q: Will each of the inquisitor race have an equal amount of possible romances?
Also, I know you probably won't answer this, but is Solas a love interest?
A: There are a few special cases that result in the split not being perfectly symmetrical (MD)

Q: can you tell us how much romance their is in the game?
A: Constant ;) (MD)

Q: Is there bisexual male companion?
A: Yep.  (CL)

Q: Is the Inquisitor going to be any smoother than Hawke when it comes to flirting?
A: Are you hitting on me? (MD)

Q: Can you comment if the majority of LIs are race-gated, or is this something relevant to only one or two companions?
A: The majority are not concerned with race. A few are. (ML)

Q: Do we have to follow an adviser's path to romance them? For example, will my Inquisition have to have a military focus if I want to romance Cullen?
A: No (MD)

Q: Will there be more to romance?
A: We have not yet revealed all romances (MD)

Q: Will you guys be letting us know which romances are race-gated before release, or will it be something we discover in game?
A: I'm not sure. Personally i think it's better to leave something to be a surprise :) (CL)

Q: Solas romance, yes?
A: Not answering (MD)

Q: Can you get married.
A: No (MD)

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Game Versions / Physical Goodies / DLC

Q: in the 72 card Major and Minor Arcana tarot card deck will there be an anders card? Will there be cards of others chars as well?
A: There are specific character cards in the mix. The ones I have seen are gorgeous.  I'm not positive if there's an Anders card or not. (ML)

Q: The DA:I digital deluxe edition contains  one item that has not been revealed yet. Can you tell us something about this!?
A: Not yet I'm afraid (?)

Q: From  this article http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/27510/20140703/dragon-age-inquisition-pc-graphics-downgraded.htm seems that PC version of DA:I will be shipped with lower texture resolution and models  that are found in the PS4 and Xbox One versions.  It's true, can you confirm or deny ?
A: We do not comment on raw speculation or rumors. (ML)

Q: How much do the graphics differ in terms of playing on a ps4, as opposed to a pc?
A: It's comparable to the PC stuff we've shown, having said that we're still in Alpha so there's a lot of work left to do on platform optimization. (CL)

Q: Hi I posted before but was wondering if there is Any differences between xbox360/xbox One I watched an interview where you stated that Its mainly the graphics that will obviously be hindered but if its like battlefield 4 (frostbite) then i would assume the differences would be massive my question being is there major differences making it worthwhile going to next gen?
A: What are the differences in BF4? (MD)

Q: will you guys be putting out more collector editions? Most are sold out everywhere
A: There's a manufacturing limit to how many we can make, so if they're sold out at this point, I think that's it. (ML)

Q: The most important question is, will you all be releasing DLC or a disc of bloopers and bugs that have been found and fixed over the course of making the game? Cause I would pay for that. lol
A: No DLC like that planned (MD)

Q: How many story-based DLC's do you plan on doing? And is there any estimated amount of months after the release of the game that we'd need to wait for them?
A: Plans aren't firm yet. Nothing at launch (MD)

Q: Are there any restrictions if a player chooses the PS3 version? (I'm sure you wouldn't release it on that if it caused crashes and whatnot- but there might be other details that would be restricted?)
Some people may not be in a way to afford a PS4 right now, so would they be missing out on anything with the PS3 version?
A: There's no restrictions in the game for those who buy old gen console versions. It won't look as good or feel as immersive but it's still the same story, same characters, same locations etc.  (CL)

Q: Do you know any key differences between PC and PS4 and Xbox One consoles?
A: PC supports a mouse/keyboard control scheme in addition to controller. (ML)

Q: Any word on a physical deluxe edition for PC in Uk/europe?
A: Likely not going to happen.
Items in it will be made available for purchase separately. (MD)

Q: Can we please get a response as to why Canadian allocation of the Inquisitor Edition was so abysmally poor, particularly coming from a Canadian developer?
Inside of 3 days it was completely sold out, while the US had stock for about a month before they ran out (but would not ship cross-border).
A: That is not something we control dev-side. You should talk to your retailer. (ML)

Q: Can we expect a notice difference in graphics and combat speed when playing on next generation consoles, compared to the current generation? I've ordered copies for PS4, PS3, and Xbox360, so I'm curious what I can expect in performance on each console.
A: Holy crap you ordered three copies?! You rock! Now if only everyone would do that lol.
The graphics are better on the Next Gen consoles and high end PC's for sure. It's got stronger immersion, prettier and more ambient life. You'll definitely see a difference. Those on the old consoles shouldn't worry though, it's still the same game just not as pretty. (CL)

Q: Will the tarot cards be made available outside the IEdition of the game? Even if not right away :(.
A: Can't say for sure, but they get asked for a lot, so we will see what we can do! (ML)

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Dragon Age Keep & Prior Decisions

Q: When can we expect more info on keep? Beta invites are slim!
A: The invite pool gets larger with every round, as I understand it. It will be avialable to all before the game goes live. (ML)

Q: Will the beta for the keep be opening up any time soon?  Sorry if you've been asked this- I scrolled down quite a ways, but didn't see the question or answer.
A: Slowly adding more and more people (MD)

Q: Do we see Architect, if we spare him? it was a quite important decision and we don't have any biggest consequences for now except a few mention in DA2.
A: It is part of the DA Keep. You'll have to wait and see what we do with it (MD)

Q: Is Anders dead in the official canon?
A: I think so (MD)
(admin note: David Gaider addressed this on his tumblr: http://dgaider.tumblr.com/post/91211573159/in-the-raptr-qna-mark-darrah-said-that-he-thinks)

Q: Wouldn't certain characters fates be determined by your choices in DAO & DA2? IE if you spared Anders, romanced Fenris, etc, how can they be canonically dead? Or has enough time passed between DA2 and DA:I that anything could have occurred?
A: We built the Keep to specifically accommodate those kinds of decisions. (ML)
Followup: Thank the Maker. Tell Mr. Darrah he nearly gave the entire fandom a heart attack.
Followup A: Welcome to my world, Fandom. (ML)

Q: Can some one please tell me when we get new about the keep and the soldiers
A: Keep an eye out for info on that around Aug/Sept (CL)

Q: when does dragon age keep get released?
A: Before the game is released, not sure when but with plenty of time.  (CL)

Q: I dont have my old save files anymore. Will i beable to input my prievous decisions from past games some how?
A: The Dragon Age Keep will handle that, yes. (ML)

Q: Will using The Keep be required in order to play Inquisition, or will there be premade world states?
A: There is a pre made world state if you don't want to or can't use the Keep. (CL)

Q: When will Keep be available?
A: Before launch for sure. It's still in beta by keep an eye on the Dragon Age twitter account. (CL)

Q: Will we be able to import our saves into The Keep? Because I played previous games like 6 times and I don't really remember what choices I made in each of the saves.
A: We are looking into this. Maybe (MD)

Q: How will saved games, and past decisions, transfer over from the 360 to the XOne?
A: We've created a website where you can create your old heroes and setup all the decisions you've made in previous games. Then you can bring all those decisions into Inquisition when you start up the game. (CL)

Q: Is Dragon Age Keep going to be free?
A: Yes (CL)

Q: Will we have access to the Dragon Age Keep or the Character Creator before launch? If so, will it be a short or a long period of time?
A: It'll definitely come out before with plenty of time to setup your world state.  (CL)

Q: The Keep is said to have numerous decisions to choose from in regards to how you played through DA:O and DA2; with so many events to recall, will the finalized system be simplified for returning gamers who can't recall their choices and new gamers who just want to craft a different world?
A: The major choices from the previous games are explained and have art to help you remember. If those are all you can remember then that's fine :) For those who want to specify every little decision and action they made the Keep will allow them to do that as well. (CL)

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Q: Can you elaborate on the conversation system-- I know it's supposed to have tone variance in addition to different choices, but not much more than that. Roughly how many options can we expect to see in an average conversation in our dialogue... box? Tree? Wheel? Cart?
A: Different conversations have different numbers of choice points so this is wildly variable (MD)

Q: Do choices relating to the in-game Keeps you can conquer affect the world later on? For example, will I be locked of content with Leliana if I mostly create mercantile Keeps?
A: Keeps do affect gameplay (MD)

Q: Does the Inquisitor's backstory vary greatly depending on race/class? Will a human mage have a similar backstory to a human rogue?
A: The reason you are where you are as well as opportunities in the store will be affected by Race/Class (MD)

Q: How much detail goes into the inquisitor's background? For example will it just be "You're dalish" or will it have a whole story with specifics?
A: There is a background based upon your choices (MD)

Q: So, some of us aren't the greatest at open world gaming. We get lost, people die, then we're stranded. Without any pants. With 80 sidequests we aren't sure what to do with and can't remember. What navigation devices can we expect? On screen minimap? Fable's golden trail leading us to our destination? The Elder Scrolls incredibly useless compass? Will there be plot markers we can apply to the map like Mass Effect 1?
A: minimap style thing
You can put down custom plot markers
You can mark any quest as the active quest
Hopefully these things will help. (MD)

Q: How do you get the ideas for the maps?
A: Some maps serve a specific story purpose and are driven by the writing. Others are interesting from a gameplay perspective. Some are just cool to look at. (MD)

Q: Will all areas be available from the start or will they unlock as we progress along the main quest?
A: Some areas will be unlocked once you have a rational reason to visit them (MD)

Q: Will the game have riddles and puzzels in it?
A: The Quizquisition if you will? (MD)

Q: Will cross class combo make its return in DA:I?
A: yes (MD)

Q: Can you make a party work fairly easily with "unbalanced" teams (like 2 mages, 2 rogues, and no warrior?
A: You can try. Sometimes it will work, sometimes you may find you need agro control. (MD)

Q: Will diplomacy skills make a return?
A: There are things very much like skills that act similar to the persuades from Origins, but they're acquired and work a different way. There's no levels, just different areas of knowledge. (ML)

Q: Will Origins' finishing moves return? Jumping on to ogres and head chopping, that sort of thing.
A: We have elemental deaths for many creatures in and working for elemental spells and weapons. We'll see about physical ones. (ML)

Q: In Origins we had approval, in II we had friendship vs. rivalry. What kind of system will we have in Inquisition?
A: Major characters all track something similar to approval, but the system has changed to put more focus on what you are doing and what you say instead of grinding by constantly giving them gifts. Each follower does have their own set of goals they want to achieve and if you help them, they will appreciate it.
And if you piss them off, they might just leave. (ML)

Q: How much can we expect from companions or NPCs to act differently around us, based on our specialization? For example, is someone going to help/hinder me if I am a Templar or a Blood Mage?
A: Certain specializations will affect moments in the story, yes. As to how much? Varies by specialization. (ML)

Q: Will there be a good amount of side missions?  Will organizations like the Blackstone Irregulars, Friends of Red Jenny, The Mages' Collective, and The Chantry Board quests make a return?  Or at least something similar?
A: Yeah, there's a goodly dose of side missions, though we've tried to contextualize most of them to make sense as something the Inquisition would do to either win the hearts of people or otherwise grow the Inquisition's power.
Oh, and Red Jenny.  There will be some Red Jenny. Because I've wanted to answer "who ARE they?" for a while now. (ML)

Q: Will there be any really nifty animations for spells? (For instance, I loved when Hawke impaled herself with her staff when casting a hemmoraging blood magic spell.)
A: There's some great spell casting animations and the VFX are the best we've ever done (CL)

Q: Will we only visit Ferelden and Orlais, or will we be able to see other nations across Thedas? ex. Antiva, Tivinter, Free Marches, etc.
A: Does the fade count as another nation? ;)
You'll be visiting the best parts of Ferelden and Orlais, both central areas and some on the very edges of civilization.  (CL)

Q: Could you elaborate on the theme and mechanics of the Knight Enchanters? Is there a particular playstyle or party role you envisioned, and is this specialization similar to the Arcane Warrior from DA:O?
A. Yeah, you know what: yes, I can. The Knight Enchanters were designed to let mages get up close and personal and the abilities in that tree encourage you to do so, including the ability to be effective at melee ranges. They're different from Arcane Warriors, though. Less tanky.  (ML)

Q: I understand that people will react differently to you depending on your race. Like if you're a human and you try to interact with Dalish Elves they'll probably be hostile towards you. But if your an Elf they'll probably be inclined to hear you out.
But my question is will people react differently to you because of your classification?
Example #1: You want to resolve a situation with some mages dug into some ruins peacefully but they don't trust you because you're a Templar.
Example #2: You want to negotiate with some Templars but they refuse you because you're a Necromancer.
Example #3: You want to find some information in the criminal underworld and you know just what to say and do because you're a rogue.
Ya see what I'm sayin'?
I mean like in Mass Effect 3 Shepard: Omega and the Citadel Shepard could do certain thing and get certain reaction because he was an engineer. And in DA2 Hawke could do certain reactions depending on if he was a Warrior, a Mage or Rogue.
A: I see what you're sayin', yes, and there are instance in the game where your specialization affects the story. Not necessarily all of them, but some! (?)

Q: Will we be seeing specializations in action, and how you obtain them before release?
A: Absolutely. Was talking to the folks in Marketing about some "deep dive" videos as the assets hit their final polish so you can see them pre-launch. (ML)

Q: It must be pretty liberating for you guys when you're actually allowed to answer things lol, but I mostly would just like to know more about your keep or base. :) Is it like the camp in origins and what can you do there? At least give me something vague to think on :) heh. Thanks for the time, and thanks so much for this amazing series!
A: We'll reveal a ton of info on this before release but I can tell you it's way, way more than the camp from Origins. It's the HQ of your entire Inquisition so there's a TON of people in it to talk and interact with. You can customize your castle, rebuild some things, perform crafting and research etc. Lots, lots lots. (CL)

Q: During the demo you showed with Vivienne, Varric, and Cassandra, you had the Inquisitor defend the keep and ignore the town. If I chose to tell my soldiers to defend the keep, could I defend the town without the AI thinking "We should help the Inquisitor!"?
A: Depends on your party make up (MD)

Q: Which other Dragon Age game does Inquisition play like?
A: Dragon Age 4 (MD)

Q: Will the Inquisitor also referred to by his/her surname?
A: Yes (MD)

Q: When DA2 was released, I thought combat was grossly imbalanced - especially with the fortitude and force mechanics.  Is DA:I going to be more balanced in the sense that my rogues and mages won't get stunlocked to death by someone poking them with a dagger?
A: That's the plan (MD)

Q: I recall in the past a mention of difficulty modes being a possibility for DAI.  Will a story mode and perhaps a nightmare mode be included in the game for those of us that want to either see the story without worry about constantly dying because we fail at basic combat or those that want intensely hard battles?  Or is the difficultly just one setting?
A: Difficulty ranges from Easy to Nightmare, just as with the previous games. (ML)
A: Nightmare for sure
There is an easy but no Story Mode yet. (?)

Q: Is Inquisition split up by "Acts" like DA2?
A: There is a story flow but not this structure, no (MD)

Q: We know how big the smallest location is, but how big is Inquisitions largest location?
A: Small (Smallest is a single house)
Big (Really big) (MD)

Q: Wanted to know if qunari inquisitors would be treated worse than elves (especially if they're mages)? I know most people don't trust qunari in most situations so I can't imagine they'd respond kindly to a qunari commander.
A: It comes up. End of the day, though, you are the only one who can seal rifts so most people can set their prejudices aside. (MD)

Q: Is there weaponless combat like in DA:O? If so are the animations better than the flailing drawback punch? Thanks.
A: No weaponless combat (MD)

Q: Will there be cake?
A: Iron Bull already ate it. (?)
it is a lie (MD)

Q: Given the proximity to the Rift in Orlais, will the Darkspawn be making an appearance again at all?
A: They do appear (MD)

Q: Will any of the Grey Wardens make an appearance. Ohgren was a cool side kick.
A: Grey Wardens will definitely play a part in Inquisition. (CL)

Q: Will we know something more about individual specializations, before the premiere?
A: There's some info on dragonage.com and we'll reveal more info as we get closer to release. (CL)

Q: How exactly does the targeting system work in Dragon Age Inquisition?  In the trailer at E3 it appeared as though mages had to aim a la third person shooter.  Or is it like previous games where you select your target and you maintain focus?  Also, I find character circles useful as a PC player, are those coming back as an option?
A: The latter. And yes, the ground rings can be turned on. (ML)

Q: I've played The Last of Us and I was wondering if we could do that crouching, stealthy mode and then either sneak behind to kill enemies or just shoot at them from the place you're hiding, sort of like in Skyrim.
Stealth mode with awareness meters? <3
A: We experimented with that to some degree, but it does not mesh well with party mechanics, and we are ALL about party. (ML)

Q: Will there be snow and rain and dust storms? Will there be a weather system?
A: In some areas yes (MD)
A: You'll certainly experience all three of those. (CL)

Q: What sort of wild life will one see on their travels?
A: Everything from foxes and Nugs up to Bronto and the like (MD)
A: All kinds of different wildlife, some are hostile, others just want to be left alone. Things like birds, wolves, rams, foxes, nugs, big lizards, lots and lots.  (CL)

Q: I have a question regarding your inventory. In previous games you could purchase backpacks that you were allowed to store a limit of items but you could have a 99 health poutrices and it was considered 1 slot. How will inventory be handled in this game?
A: Some things stack for free.
We are looking at an expandable backpack (MD)

Q: Will companions have their own unique specs like in DAII or can you assign them the same specs that players could chose from a la Origins?
A: They have a Spec based upon their unique story.
Consider Cole... (MD)

Q: Will players be able to choose more than one specialization, like previous Dragon Age games?
A: No.
One Spec in DAI (MD)
A: You will have (up to) one specialization.  (ML)

Q: Will there be lodgings? Or will there be a central area where all your team members hang out?
A: Yes. You have a base (MD)

Q: Make non-combat skills such as persuasion a return or is diplomacy more about chosing the right dialog options without any skill which determines your success?
A: Your Inquisition will unlock some opportunities in conversations (MD)

Q: Will we be able to climb? (cliffs, rocks, walls, etc.)
A: You can jump, but not QWOP-style clambering, becuase that would be so damn hard. (ML)

Q: How is leveling up paced out? Fast with minor but frequent boosts, or slow with substantial boosts (or the near limitless region in between)? Is there a level cap, and if so, is that something you can share, or at least an approximation?
A: Fast in the early game, slows down as your levels climb. (ML)

Q: You've talked previously about non-combat based solution to quests. Can we assume that these alternatives still feature in the game?
A: Some quests (?)

Q: To what extent will we be able to customise the Inquisition?
A: Some extent (?)

Q: Can the Inquisitor participate in "The Game" played by Orlesian nobility?
A: Well you are moving in some pretty high circles... (?)

Q: To what extent will we be able to customise the Inquisition's main headquarters?
A: A variety of customization options are available (?)

Q: Without spoiling, could you elaborate on the number of endings available and how these will be presented (for example, a slide show like Origins or various cut scenes)?
A: Not without spoiling, no (?)

Q: Given the large number of factions in Dragon Age, will the Inquisitor be able to build alliances and rivalries with certain groups and if so, how will these relationships affect the overall narrative?
A: Yes and it will (?)

Q: Any Qunari villages, towns or cities. Any further qunari cultural expansion. Sten?/Arishok
The Qun demands.
A: Iron Bull knows stuff (MD)

Q: Will there be new game plus in Dragon Age Inquisition?
A: The game doesn't end when you finish the main story.
We have discussed New Game+ but nothing to announce ATM (MD)

Q: In the game play demos plants on the ground have been highlighted. Are those alchemy ingredients? Can you only pick them once or will they regrow?
A: Yes alchemy ingredients.
Some will regrow (MD)

Q: I've seen mentions that the beginning of the game starts with peace talks between the Chantry and Mages, how does your inquisitorial soldier get to said peace talks if they are a Dwarf or Qunari?
Also please no surprise spider attacks please -arachnophobics
A: Your background will explain (MD)

Q: Does the origin of a dwarf Inquisitor have to be in the deep roads like in Dragon Age: Origins, or can you be a surface dweller?
A: You are a surface dwarf if you are a dwarf in DAI (MD)

Q: Will the specialisations be kept the same or will there be more changes?
How is the interactable banter going to be carried out? Won't it be a bit weird to stop in the middle of the road for a cutscene?
A: One specialization can be chosen not 2 (MD)

Q: Will the tactical camera be a necessity to survive or can you play the game successfully with the behind the back third person view?
A: It is a tool in the toolbox. You have other tools as well so, no it is not required. (MD)

Q: About mana-management. If mana indeed can restore during fight what's preventing spam-healing?
A: There's a new combat mechanic which gates those powerful abilities and spells. (CL)

Q: Can the Dalish Inquisitor be the keeper of their clan?
A: No (MD)

Q: Will we die a lot when we explore?
And does the Inquisitor have their own private room in their Keeps?
A: You'll die a lot depending on how hostile and difficult the area is.
Yes you'll have your own suite of rooms in your castle.  (CL)

Q: What I find always breaks my game is when NPC's don't interact with your progress in the game; specifically when the game allows you to be royal, feared, loved, praised, hated, famous or  laughable. Will the NPC's interact with the proper respect with whatever stage you are at in the game without repeating the same arrow in the knee lines?
A: The NPC's in the world will react to what state you've put the world in. Though some NPC's consider themselves important enough to ignore that or they just don't care who you are because that's the sort of person they are.  (CL)

Q: What about the out-of -combat special talents, and by that i mean; lockpicking etc, what do the warrior and mage have? if any? and are there stats (other then cunning) that have an effect on this?
A: Warriors can bash down walls and mages can energize things which repair things. (CL)

Q: It's been mention that the Inquisitor will be seen as a holy figure/chosen one. Will we interact with worshippers? Will they ask us for miracles?
A: You'll certainly meet and interact with people who think you're holy, how you react to that is up to you. (CL)

Q: We know how people will regard us, but how will the Chantry regard us after we emerge from the Fade?
A: Can't say, I don't want to spoil too much (CL)

Q: Can converse with and relate to the villain, and possibly side with them?  Or is there no civil conversation, a la Meredith?
A: I think the best villains are ones you can relate too on some level. Other than that I don't want to give too much away. (CL)

Q: Will our characters be limited to one specialization?
A: Yep you can pick a specialization, or none if you like. (CL)

Q: Could you gives us an example of what an average trip to the war table might look like? What are my potential actions while there, and how am I performing them? What are companions/advisers doing while I'm at the table and how are they influencing/judging my actions, if at all?
A: We'll be showing this off this before launch so I don't want to spoil it :) (CL)

Q: Will we be able to change our party members anywhere? Or do we have to be in a certain location like the camp or the keep?
A: Only in particular locations like where you've setup an inquisition camp, your keeps, your castle etc.  (CL)

Q: Will there be better attack cues from dragons and better evasion abilities for players on those fights? I noticed in the E3 demo that the dragon pulls up his leg a few seconds before he kicks back. My dual wielding Hawke and Warden would have loved this in previous games (He got punted around a bit)
A: Yes, the dragons will forecast their attacks, allow you to prepare to block, get out of the way or even take advantage of what's about to happen.  (CL)

Q: Are cross class combos returning?
A: A lot of abilities can capitalize on states like frozen, or stunned, encouraging teamwork, yes. (ML)

Q: Will we visit Kal-Sharok?
A: Not in DAI sorry. The story spans Orlais and Ferelden so you'll be visiting huge areas in those countries.  (CL)

Q: Will all companions have the ability to roll, flip etc like the Inquisitor or are such such abilities limited to certain companions? (As Sera was seen somersaulting in the demo)
A: They are abilities, so you have to purchase them with talent points and use them. (ML)

Q: Are there quick time events?
A: No (ML)

Q: Will we meet many tranquils?
A: Yep. There's a few I've met when doing reviews, not sure how many in total. (CL)

Q: If you get into a fight/battle with friendly npc's around (that aren't your followers) will they come and help you?
A: If they are warriors, then typically, yes. (ML)

Q: Will we be able to spec ourselves as the main healer of the party? I rather enjoy the position of field medic - if you want something done well etc :)
A: You can engage in support roles that keep the party healthy, though not a pure heal-spam healer. (ML)
A: If that's how you like to play then yep, you can spec yourself as a support role for the party. Buffs, shields, group heals etc. There's many other ways to play too.  (CL)

Q: Do we have the option to turn the auto healing on/off depending on difficulty?
A: No. It adjusts based on difficulty to some degree, but it is part of the game. (ML)

Q: Can you name any other new or familiar places we'll be visiting in DA:I
A: Well, Redcliffe, but it's rebuilt after the blight, so may not be that familiar. There are a few others that will be familiar. (ML)
A: You'll revisit Redcliffe village from DAO and there's lots and lots of new areas to explore.  (CL)

Q: Will we need to acquire each specialization like in Origins, or will they be automatically available like in DA2?
A: Earn them (ML)

Q: Will DAI war assets be online only or can we do it offline as well?
A: We do not have war assets. (ML)

Q: will we be revisiting orzammar or other dwarven citys
A: No Orzammar in DAI (MD)

Q: Will we see a dwarven settlement, camp or a thaig?
A: ... yes ...  (MD)

Q: Will there be a respec option, like the potion in DA2, in the game?
A: That's the plan (MD)

Q: Will we have a mabari that can join in battle with us?  If so, as a full companion like in DAO or just as a summon ability like in DA2?
A: No mabari in combat (MD)

Q: will there be different origin stories like in da origins or will all race choices have the same beginning like in skyrim
A: Game starts at the same place.
You get a different background (MD)
A: Your race choices play a part throughout the entire story, unlike origins when it was just the beginning. (CL)

Q: Hawke is  main antagonist ?
A: Umm what? (MD)

Q: Can you talk about the dialog tree? In Dragon Age 2, it seemed there was the three emotive responses. The saint, the joker and the big meanie. Will Dragon Age Inquisition have the same setup?
A: The overall tone is more neutral, until you hit what we call a "reaction" hub, where you can respond more strongly, often to questions, by being pleased, stoic, angry, sad, etc. (ML)

Q: Will some of the major choices in DA:I be very black and white like the Amaranthine choice where you have to choose one of the other, or will there be ways to have multiple outcomes on major choices if you do just the right things at the right time?
A: Little from column A, little from Column B. (ML)

Q: Will the Inquisitors special powers affect combat?
A: Having control over fade rifts may provide some interesting possibilities in combat :) (CL)

Q: Any chance of seeing gameplay footage featuring the PC UI before release?
A: Yes, but not today. (ML)

Q: is the combat system more like DAO or DA2? its a really big turn off if the combat is not good *cough* *cough* AC3 *cough*
A: The tactical combat is more like DAO with the tactical camera (extra improved) and the real-time combat is slower with more weight behind the attacks, defense, hits etc. You can swap between these modes whenever you like and as always you can swap between party members at any time. (CL)

Q: Will magic and abilities from the previous games like the Stonefist make a return. That was an awesome "Get out of my Way" skill.
A: Yep, there's lots of abilities and spells from previous games but also a TON of new ones to try out on those bad people. (CL)

Q: All schools of magic and weapons talents will be back? Some new too?
A: There's a mix of new and old weapon and magic talents. (CL)

Q: Can we set up traps as a rogue and plan ambushes (ie: no only in the middle of combat)?
A: You can, in fact! Positioning, traps and other preparatory abilities (and potions) are a very good idea against some of the harder fights.  (ML)

Q: Are there only going to 3 specializations per class? Awakening had 6 i believe.
A: There are three per class. They have been redesigned significantly. (ML)

Q: Is there a way to invest in scientific "research" in the game? (For coming with things like new potions and the like) or will we get all of our recipes solely from things like merchants, drops, friendly NPCS, and exploration?
A: Inquisition has a pretty big alchemy system for improvement of potions you already know how to make, so kind of "both."

Q: Can we be allies with the wardens?
A: Would love to answer that, but I can't sorry :( (CL)

Q: how difficult will Dragon age inquisitions highest difficulty be in comparison to DA origins or DA2
A: It'll be pretty brutal. (CL)

Q: Is ''Archer'' one of the Rogue specializations?
A: All rogues can use bows. (ML)

Q: Is DA:I "only" going to be in Orlais+Ferelden or all of Thedas? Tevinter, Nevarra, Antiva, Seheron/Par Vollen? And will we get to visit famous locations such as Val Royeaux, Minrathous, Starkhaven, Weisshaupt?
A: Two countries isn't enough for you? (ML)

Q: Are all the dragon encounters truly end game or are some killable earlier on?
A: You can try taking on a Dragon if you encounter one early in the game. It'll be very tough though. (CL)

Q: Did you stick with the no health regen outside of combat from one of the early demos?
A: Currently still the case. (CL)

Q: Will there be any form of gladiatoral arena and/or pit-fighting?
A: No (MD)

Q: Will potions and spells be our only options for healing or wil there be food items this time around?
A: No food (MD)

Q: Will we have the same amount (or more) origin stories as DA:O? I.E. 2 human, 2 dwarf, 2 elves, 2 (or 1) qunari?
A: No origins. Backgrounds based on Race / Class (MD)

Q: Any word on the Inquisitor's family/their involvement?
A: So will the elf warrior and elf mage have different backgrounds?

Q: What is the level cap of the characters?
A: 25-30 (MD)

Q: So Elven Inquisitors will be Dalish, Dwarven ones will be from the surface, Qunari ones will be Vashoth. Could you please tell us what background will Humans have? :)
A: Nobel for non-mage (MD)

Q: What is the name of the little fox like creatures?
Fennec (MD)

Q: Will there be the ability to view all lootable items in an area without having to hold a key down?
A: We may add this as an option on PC (MD)

Q: Will we be able to have the tactical camera on during normal run-around game-play rather than having to hold a key only during combat to enable it? (I know this was suggested earlier so wanted to see if you had made any headway on that)
A: It will pull you out for cutscenes but you can spend most of the game like that  (MD)

Q: Depending on what we did in past games say get Dagna in to the Circle of Magi to study magic could there be any possibly that there could be a chance of dwarfen mages or dwarfen magic? (or what we do in future games)
A: No Dwarven mages

Q: Will Companions have all Base Class Skill Trees AND their Specialization, or will their Specialization replace one of their Skill Trees?
A: It is an additional tree (MD)

Q: I understand why there is no Blood Mage specialization (even though I don't like it all that much...), but why no Spirit Healer? Tangent: Why no Spirit Warrior either?
A: Choices were made. We'll come back to these (MD)

Q: Will there be a Mabari Warhound companion?
A: No (MD)

Q: Has there been any changes to the attribute system?
Will the skill system from Origins return?
We saw some papers detailing 'Exploration skills' for the three classes, are they still in the game and is there any more information you can give out about them?
A: The inquisition will give you abilities as it gets stronger (MD)

Q: How long in game does the inquisition take place breach to 'end game'.
A: Don't know (?)

Q: When will the other specializations be announced? I'm curious about the Rift Mage...
A: Before launch for sure.  (CL)

Q: I heard our Inquisitors will participate in banter - can you explain how this will be done?
A: Yes. Uses an opt-in system (MD)

Q: Will the demons be able to win?
A: Yes but that would suck (MD)

Q: While in Tactical Mode, can we detach the camera and move/angle it wherever we please?
A: There are limits as to how far from the party you can get (MD)

Q: Are there any other cute fuzzy animals in Inquisition?
A: Fennec (MD)

Q: What is the level of mod-ability? Will it be like Skyrim?
A: No toolset planned at the moment (MD)

Q: How much freedom will we have to explore the "open world" while we are completing the main story line and minor plot lines? I am assuming there will be points in the game where the linear storyline will have to take precedence over exploration...
A: Only in the begining prologue, after that you're in control over when you do story and when you do exploration.  (CL)

Q: Beside the new locations, will we be able to visit the locations of Dragon Age Origins and II like Denerim, Orzammar or Kirkwall?
A: You'll revisit some locations from Origins, like Redcliffe village. (CL)

Q: While in tactical mode, can we start and stop the combat like in Origins or is tactical for setup only?
A: You can start and stop whenever you like in the middle of combat. (CL)

Q: Hi! The game will change with our choices, or the decision is just in the last fight to see a diferent cinematic?
A: Your decisions have impacts throughout the entire game, not just the end. For example, there's parts of the game you'll only see if you make particular choices.  (CL)

Q: Completing every quest available to me, my original Origins playthrough came in at at disgustingly beautiful 100 hours. I know Inquisition is 'larger' in scope, but does it rival Origins in terms of depth/time sink?
A: It's larger than Origins. (CL)

Q: In this Dragon Age will we be able to continue playing post-game? I don't mean the little DLC misisons, I mean, can we take our characters out to the maps and kill the random enemies that spawn there, maybe finish up a few side quests we left undone?
The lack of playable material after beating it is the one thing I dislike about the Dragon Age games.
A: Absolutely. This is the first Dragon Age game where you can continue playing the game after the main story is finished.  (CL)

Q: will be easy to understand the camera in combat at the time of the exchange of characters and their locations?
A: Yes (CL)

Q: The game will be open world or linear, so we can visit various places, rather than just follow a path?
A: It's open world in multiple really large areas, each of which is unique. (CL)

Q: We follow both the evil side or the good with our characters, it changes not only suffering in acts like the aesthetics?
A: You can't be pure evil but you can make tough decisions in a hash way. (CL)

Q: Is the inquisition religious?  Can we work against it from within, or guide it toward the Qun?
A: Your Inquisition and your character can decide if they are religious or not. The Inquisition stands outside of the church.  (CL)

Q: How will the classes work compared to the two other games? Is there a progression tree and can you choose subclasses? Can you combine different subclasses?
A: Yep you can pick a class specialization (up to 1) and each class has a number of talent trees you can invest in.  (CL)

Q: Will earlier decisions in the series have a serious impact on the game? Like the big decisions in Origins and Dragon Age 2, or will they just be mentioned and more part of the backgrond?
A: Your decisions from previous Dragon Age games have an impact in Inquisition.  (CL)

Q: Will there be race options again and if so will there be a back story like in Dragon age Origins?
A: You can pick from Qunari, Elf, Dwarf or Human. The class and background selected plays a part throughout the entire game, not just the beginning like in Origins. (CL)

Q: What is the combat like? (I have never played a Dragon Age game before)
A: You control a party of heroes in combat who can all work together to face down enemies. You can play in real-time, swapping between characters or sticking with your own character. You can also play in a tactical camera mode which lets you see the whole battlefield. (CL)

Q: How will the background of our characters (whether they're a Dalish Elf, Qunari, Mage, Dwarf, etc) affect our interactions in the game?
A: Absolutely  (CL)

Q: Can you explain and elaborate on any of the changes you've made to the tactics system since Dragon Age II?
A: With the tactical camera from Origins back for this game, we've also showing information on each enemy such as health, what buffs/debuffs/effects it has. We're showing movement lines and giving complete control over the camera so you can now pan around, zoom all the way in or all the way out.  (CL)

Q: Will you be moving towards a more tactical UI and gameplay mechanic or are you going to look at a more action based style that's much more fluid than DA 1&2?
A: DAI is more tactical, including the tactical camera from Origins, we've even enhanced it. We've also slowed down the real-time combat so the attacks, defenses, hits etc are have more weight. So there's major improvements in both tactical and real-time.  (CL)

Q: Will spell combinations return? If so will there be more combos and more refined animations for them.
A: Yes there's some combos between spells and abilities (CL)

Q: Does the environment affect combat? For example will wet terrain make fire spells weaker and lightning spells stronger or will swamp hinders movement speed. In the previous game, player can hit explosive barrels to hit the enemies indirectly, can the player hit trees, set grass on fire or do anything else to the environments to defeat the enemies?
A: Destruction and environment plays a part in combat, not like wet grass though. (CL)

Q: Is there a reputation or karma system? For example will the choices made during quests set how the npcs or the world view the Inquisition. For example being ruthless might instill fear among people or being merciful instill dependency toward the Inquisition?
A:. I don't have info on this sorry. (CL)

Q: Will console command return?
A: Don't think so, I could be wrong (CL)

Q: While in tactical mode, can we start and stop the combat like in Origins or is tactical for setup only?
A: You can start and stop whenever you like in the middle of combat. (CL)

Q: Can you escape a combat if it turns out to be too difficult (a high dragon is massacring your party and your only chance is flight and return later when you are more powerfull ...) ?
A: You can always try to run away.  (CL)

Q: What is the scale of the game? Like, DA2 was a city, DAOA was a Province, DAO was a country... and will our choices have weight like in DAO/DAOA or not really like in DA2? (i totally get if it's a secret)
A: It's much, much larger than DAO. The story spans two nations and some of our areas are larger than all of DAO combined.  (CL)

Q: Will images or rogue be able to tank or off tank based on spec?
Will Knight Enchanters use item equipment, or spellbased?
A: Yep. If you build the classes right they should be able to get agro and off tank. You may struggle with the tough encounters though. Depends on how good you've made them leveling up, what equipment they have etc.  (CL)

Q: I wish to know more details about class specializations
A: We'll reveal more info on the class specializations before launch. There's some on dragonage.com now.  (CL)

Q: Will there be a lot of grey areas in the choices you make, or is it more like the "pet the dog or kill it" morality we've seen in past BioWare titles?
A: There's lots of of grey choices. It depends on how you've being playing the game.  (CL)

Q: will we be finally able to conrtol each combat move individually rather than just selecting and leting the characters fight?
A: Yes you can control each ability individually if you want to (MD)

Q: How are you tackling side quests in the game will it be simply collect x amount of this or will they have interesting stories?
A: We've tried to make the side quests really interesting. (CL)

Q: Does each region have  different have different wildlife specific to them?
A: You won't see a snow fox hanging out in a desert  (CL)

Q: Are you planning to have a new game plus mode like you did with some of your other games?
A: You can keep exploring and getting lost in the world of DAI after the main story so NGP doesn't make much sense anymore. We've even built specific regions that are so high level you'd only want to tackle them after the main story. (CL)

Q: Will each dragon have different attacks or will they be the same each time?
A: Dragons won't be the same in combat each time but they do share some characteristics since they are all massive scaled lizards with sharp claws and big teeth that like to each people :) (CL)

Q: How free Roam is the game.
A: Quite (MD)

Q: Can you be any race.
A: Elf, Dwarf, Qunari, Human (MD)

Q: can you just sit down i a tavern and have a few drinks with your party and chat
A: Not everywhere (MD)

Q: Is there a fast travel system?
A: Yes but only to Inquisitions camps which you've setup in the world and which have your solders in them. (CL)

Q: If we've just fought a tough battle in an open-world area, and are a distance away from a safe camp zone where we can heal up, and damaging weather conditions arise, will we be able to use crafted items to minimize damage taken as we struggle to get back to a camp? Or will it just be a matter of hopping on our mount and getting back to our keep ASAP?
A: You can quick travel to any Inquisition camps which you've established in that region. That will allow you to rest up and recover your health before adventuring again. (CL)

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General Questions

Q: I was just curious as to how many hours a day do you think is spent just going through all of the forums and other social media? And how do you guys react/handle "trolling" or negative feedback in these realms?
A: That's hard to say. We have people who have this as a job but the team bears a lot of the burden as well. (MD)

Q: How does critic on the forums (fE, BSN) influence the making of the game? Do the folks at Bioware enjoy reading the forums ( or, trolling them...)?
A: We do read the forums, it's sometimes hard to consolidate everyone's different opinions on the BSN so it becomes a task of reading between the lines about what people want and expect (CL)

Q: The first Dragon Age was a huge success, with expansive gameplay and a captivating story, it's one of my favorite games of all time. The second was not received as well and felt rushed, with repetitive dungeons. Although I did like some aspects of the combat gameplay. So my question is this: With the success of the first and the short comings of the second Dragon Age, what have you learnt and implemented into 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' to try to make it the best Dragon Age game to date?
A: Ultimately this is the game I have always wanted:
Big, with places to explore.
Combat that rewards tactical play but is responsive
Followers to get to know (MD)
A: Couple of things. Inquisition brings back a vast story that spans two nations compared to DA2's personal story story of Hawke. Massive world to explore with huge variety, super deep crafting and customization, tactical combat is back and we've slowed down the real-time combat with weightier animations, plus you lead your own organization with a huge castle as your HQ. Plus so much more I wouldn't even know where to start lol (CL)
A: DAI balances the speed of the two games and keeps the responsiveness from #2 for combat, brings back tactical mode for PC and makes it available for everyone (consoles included), and well, it's a big game. Like, really big.
We're striving to make a good fusion of the two. (ML)

Q: Is Dragon age: Inquisition going to cover years within the game (like Dragon age 2) or is it more like months?
A: Dragon Age: Inquisition is a more contiguous time period than DA2. (MD)

Q: Do Dalish elves still possess the Irish and Welsh accent, like they did in DA2? and if they do can your inquisitor have it?
A: We do use Welsh for some elves. Not the player elf, however (MD)

Q: What made you decide to have Welsh and Irish accents for elves?
They sound nice. (ML)

Q: Will Darkspawn be a major part in the war?
A: Not a blight but they are about. (MD)

Q: Does this story have Griffins in it? ;)
A: no (MD)
A: Though if you want to learn more about them, note that there is a mighty big griffon on the cover of the upcoming "Last Flight" Dragon Age novel, so that might sate your griffony urges! (ML)

Q: Will the Inquisitor referred to by his/her surname? (LIs, friends, etc. ... shouldn't call him "Inquisitor" or "His/Her Emincence" ...)
A: The Inquisitor will regularly be referred to by his or her surname, yes. (ML)

Q: Are you reincorporating anything that was abandoned in previous games and was the main challenge in adapting the content for Inquisition?
A: Well we're bringing the Tactical mode feature back from Dragon Age Origins. You'll also revisit some places like Redcliffe village from previous games which is completely re-imagined and rebuilt. (CL)

Q: (Question was deleted, but the answer is useful)
A: Dwarves cannot be mages. They have kick ass magic resistance, though. (ML)

Q: Will there be Monty Python jokes/easter eggs?? x)
A: Nah. Everyone would expect it. (ML)

Q: Whats been the most fun for you as the developers this time during development? :)
A: The most fun I have is showing the game off and meeting fans at cons like E3, PAX etc  (CL)

Q:RPG's are becoming redefined in this modern era for gaming.  Dragon Age: Origins was considered innovative in its companion, choice, and story focussed fantasy role playing experience.  What do you think will really define the Dragon Age: inquisition experience?  And are there any aspects of gameplay that you think are truly innovative and something that you hope the genre as a whole will adopt in their games?
As an Add On to that, Do you believe that internet based "memory card" systems like the Keep are the future for the industry, especially in RPG games, and do you think BioWare will be using a similar system for the Mass Effect and any future franchises?
A: I think RPG's in this new generation will be successful in merging compelling, deep storytelling with a vast world to get lost in. A more complex answer is that for an RPG of the size of Inquisition there's just so much which players can get involved in. So in one way I think the scale and depth of RPG's will in this new generation will be a defining factor also. (CL)

Q: Will the diffrent nation in Thedas have diffrent art styles?
I mean will the paintings that originated Orlais be painted in the same style as the paintings that originated in Ferelden?
Will we see how art evolved in Thedas through the art work we will see?
A: They have very different cultural roots and their art reflects it. You can also see examples of both rustic/early decorative pieces and more modern/refined work over the course of exploring Orlais and Ferelden.
You can see some of that development detailed in the World of Thedas. (ML)

Q: I loved Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and how it played into the development of Cassandra Pentaghast. Will there be another Dragon Age film, and if so will it follow as a sequal to the film or serve as another development for a different character? note. i would love to see film or tv adoptations of the DA books as im not one for reading and just feel left out from these stories.
A: It was a great experience to work on. We haven't announced anything, but I'd certainly be open to doing something else movie/anime/TV/whatever. Just needs to be the right thing. (ML)

Q: Will we be able to learn the system requirements for the game soon?
A: We'll be sure to have them out before launch.
(I almost typed "lunch" there. WHOOOPS. That would have been bad) (ML)

Q: When will we know the PC specifications? Need to know if I need to upgrade :)
A: It will be a while before its locked but a good guess is to look at BF4 (MD)

Q: Since this latest game will be running on frostbite 3, how will this be implemented? How difficult is it to adapt a first person engine into a game like this? And will you be supporting mantle?
A: I can't speak to mantle, but there's been a lot of both challenges and opportunities in shifting engine: it's GORGEOUS, though, so it's been worth it. (ML)

Q: Bioware games were always rich on beloved characters. But what are your inspirations? How do you come up with a character? Is it more like '' We need a mage that is 100% pro mage '' and then you guys decide race, gender, etc or is it the other way around ?
A: That's a biggy!
We tend to start with the themes of the game (for DAI "Faith" and "Leadership" are major themes, for instance), and look for characters that would interact in interesting ways with those themes and, better, with each other.
We simultaneously develop their visuals between the writing and concept art team. We develop more "character sketches" than we use, and pick the ones that inspire and intrigue the most for further development. (ML)

Q: Will we learn more about the Grey Wardens?
A: Like, how many shades of Grey they use?
(99. They go all the way from white to black.) (ML)

Q: Since this latest game will be running on frostbite 3, how will this be implemented? How difficult is it to adapt a first person engine into a game like this? And will you be supporting mantle?
A: I can't speak to mantle, but there's been a lot of both challenges and opportunities in shifting engine: it's GORGEOUS, though, so it's been worth it. (ML)

Q: Will there be a toolset for DAI released? It was sorely missed for DA 2! Also heard that Frostbite isn't moddable, can you confirm or deny?
A: There will not be a toolset at release. We will continue to explore options, but there are -significant- challenges. (ML)
A: Definitely not at launch - (MD)

Q: So, what is your guys' process for deciding what specializations you guys put in the game for the classes? You guys are bringing back Champion from DA:O, and what looks to be (I know you won't reveal) Templar and Reaver. Whereas the Mage is getting, what looks to be 3 new specializations, Knight Enchanter and Arcane Warrior might sound similar, but it doesnt sound like it EXACTLY, and Rift Mage and Necromancer are the others that are speculated. I am not asking for confirmation, but how do you guys choose and come up with this stuff to fit the game?
A: During early concepts for DAI, I sat down with the combat team and we developed three "fantasy archetypes" we wanted to deliver for each class. Our goal was to develop abilities that let you feel like you were pushing your class in a specific direction, like being a "Walking Fortress" as a warrior, or a "Controller" as a mage.
Those core fantasies influenced all of our ability designs.  (ML)

Q: So tell me, how will you guys at Bioware spend the 7th of October? Full of joy? A little bit scarred? What happens at a company like BW during realease day?
A: For me it'll be one of either:
Hiding under my desk until the reviews come in
Catching up on lost sleep from the last few months
Too drunk to remember it's launch day (CL)

Q: I'm curious as to what made you guys pick the American and English accents for the Inqusitor? I mean I understand why the English(since that is the accent in Ferelden.) But Why choose an American accent instead of a french one? since we will be mainly in Orlais.
A: American has been historically what we have used for Dwarves and Qunari (MD)

Q: How are stylistic changes, like those in DA2 with elves and Qunari, in DA:I tackled? Do you strive to keep the 'DA2' style of elves, did you go back to the ways of 'elf with pointy ears, or have you found a way to bring these concepts into something else or make it players choice?
A: Take a look at screenshots of Sera. Kinda like that. (ML)

Q: Do we ride flying unicorns :3......or kill them? Either way works for me. Joking aside, how has the development process been? Was developing Inquisition harder than the previous games you made? Also a question I asked earlier, are you going to reveal the other actors who will be lending their voices to the role of the inquisitor? I know Alix is one of them.
A: Unicorns do not traditionally fly. I think you're thinking of the mythical "pegacorn." (ML)
A: Unisys (MD)

Q: Will all the returning, or major, voice actors get videos?
A: Not all. As many as we can (MD)

Q: Is there any chance that our Inquisition will have to attend any formal (possibly Orlesian) functions?
A: There is a chance (MD)

Q: Have there ever been times when you all have surprised yourselves or each other with a direction or development of a character or storyline? Or are you all mostly on the same page?
A: Oh yes, all the time (MD)

Q: Will our Inquisitor get fancy clothes and attend any festivities amidst all the chaos?
A: It's a possibility. (CL)

Q: How many nugs have been harmed in the production of Dragon Age: Inquisition?
A: I'm personally responsible for at least a few hundred nug deaths. (CL)

Q. Is there gonna be easter egg "No one expects (Spanish) Inquisiton"?
A. No. (?)

Q. Gameplay in Inquisition looks really similar to action in Origins cinematic trailer. Is that mean that you reach something that you wanted from beginning of Dragon Age series?
A: It was something of a goal, yes. Teamwork and tactics mattering, snappy combat, but staying an RPG. (?)

Q: What were your main deciding factors when choosing to have the Tactical Camera return versus leaving it out completely? Did you decide to aim for the audience that will enjoy and use that function; or was it the fact that it was in DAO and you believed it to be a core function that every upcoming game needed?
A: It is designed to be another tool in your toolbox. Not a must use (except at the hardest difficulties) but available (MD)
A: More that for a party based RPG that has a focus on tactical combat, the tactical camera was critical for us to get in for Inquisition. (CL)
Q: Will nugs finally take over the world?
A: Are you sure they aren't ruling from the shadows already? (MD)

Q: Can we steal Vivienne and Empress Celene' dresses and wear it ourselves?
A: No (MD)

Q: Is there any character you don't want to met - ever - in a dark alley after nightfall?
A: The Moither. Presuming she fits, that is. (ML)
A: Cole  (MD)

Q: So, who will YOU be romancing in your playthrough? ;)
A: Sera (MD)

Q: Will the Inquisitor be able to visit Kirkwall?
A: Not in DAI (?)

Q: Are pets going to be able to be acquired in the game? What happened to Schmooples and Ser Pounce-A-Lot? Will we find out what happened to them? Will they show up?
A: No (MD)

Q: One of the trailers and promotional images shows the Inquisition gathered around the war table, arranged as a clear nod to Da Vinci's Last Supper. Would you say that it's accurate to call the Inquisitor a messianic figure with the companions as their apostles?
A: That's really up to the player's interpretation.(?)

Q: Can the demons win?
A: Yes but that would be really bad. (?)

Q: Can we take prisoners , if so can we......flog them? This game needs flogging, an unhealthy amount of it. :D
A: No. But you can judge them. (MD)

Q: You implied earlier that there will be more Dragon Age games after Inquisition (really happy to hear!) - will Inquisition be like Mass Effect 3 where it's an end of a story developing over a trilogy with a future game being the start of a new storyline, or will post-Inquisition games follow on from it?
A: Dragon Age has never been developed as a trilogy. All the games are new storylines, effectively. (ML)

Q: Will your character have facial animations while talking like in DA2?
A: Yep. (ML)

Q: You already said you have currently a bug that messes up the chraracters eye colour, acording to the world of thedas book however, that is something that genuinely happens to mages, and we did already seen some dramatic eye colour changes on Vivienne and Solas, so is that legitimate or is it also the bug.
A: Likely the bug (MD)
A: Assume everything is in flux until the game ships. (ML)

Q: I noticed that in Dragon Age Origins that there was a scene that nodded off to Superman. There was a meteor in the ground and this couple said they will raise the child on their own. I believe it was in Awakenings. Will you have similar nod offs?
A: Writers draw from all over (MD)

Q: 1) Will the Inquisitor have or be able to have abilities similar to Fenris i.e. phasing through solid objects?
2) In terms of DA Keep and the (possible) return of Hawke and the Warden as well as having our decisions reflected will there also be a character creator so we can recreate what they looked like?
A: No phasing (MD)

Q: Hello Bioware! This question doesn't really stand out like a bronto's backside but here it is - which area are you most excited to have us discover & will there be boooty, lore & nugs off the beaten track? ps can u lick a lampost in winter? pps Iove from Scotland x
A: I think people are going to love exploring the Dales, it's massive and has tons of interesting things to discover off the beaten track.
No licking of frozen poles lol. (CL)

Q: What benefits were there to working in the frostbite engine over the eclipse engine? Are there any negatives?
A: Lighting is the most noticeable improvement (MD)

Q: First let me say I love everything you guys do with mixing all of the great parts of RPG games.  Will there be any pets? Is Solas romanceable?  Will you go to any social events and if so will you get to make attire for the event? Will Anders return? Anders had a big role in the end of Dragon Age: 2 considering he blew up the Chantry.  Sorry that I have so many questions. And of course any news on elves would be nice.  Ma serannas
A: No pets (MD)

Q: Yo just, thank you for working so hard on this game and this series. They are not just great to play and not just completely enthralling from a story perspective but how inclusive they are and how there are some really raw moments that reflect real life situations (Aveline's talk with Hawke after the death in Act 2 as an example) has been great to say the least... So thank you for all the work you all put into this and for including very kind of person you can and not just dipping into TV tropes like so many other games. So yeah thank you, I am super excited Inquisition :)
A: Thanks for your kind words :) We're really excited for you to play it soon. (CL)

Q: What area of the game do you think is the most spectacular?
A: The one I can't tell you about. (ML)

Q: Will some of the old armor styles be making a come back in DAI?
A: Some. Redone for Frostbite (MD)

Q: Why DAI won't have czech subtitles?
A: Likely a cost issue (MD)

Q: Thank you for answering so many questions! I've pre-ordered the Collector's edition for PC and can't wait for this game. Thank you guys for making it! Going to be so awesome and amazing to play. :)
A: Your very welcome :) (CL)

Q: Will Dragon Age 2's story/characters matter? I loved the game and I wouldn't want to see its storylines and characters retconned and/or changed unrecognizably  just because it wasn't ~popular~
A: Yep the story of DA2 and DAO plays a part in Inquisition. (CL)

Q: First, just want to say I love you guys and your work. Second have to say that waiting for #DAI is like waiting for Christmas morning. Try to sleep to make time go faster but I keep waking up. Really, Really want Oct to get here faster. This game is going to be so completely awesome!!! I see many play throughs in my future.
A: Thank you, I'm glad you're looking forward to it. We're pretty excited to get it into everyone's hands. (CL)

Q: Are any of the animations done with mo cap actors?
A: Yep/. Many of our animations are done with mocap actors. The animators often go down to the capture studio.  (CL)

Q: BSN wants to know if bucket dude will be a late edition to the game as an easter egg after Alix's video.
A: Conal? In a way, Conal is with us all. (ML)

Q: Do we have the of fur or feather shoulder pads?
A: There are some of those. I think the Qunari mage we showed at E3 had some feathers or fur in her shoulder pads. (CL)

Q: Is Trevor Morris even real? Cause he must be a malevolent GAWD of music
A: He's a great guy. Has a collection of fantasy swords. We flew down to his studio to meet with him when we started working on the score. (ML)

Q: Will there be a song over the end credits like This is War for DAO and I'm Not Calling You a Liar in DA2? Can you tell us? Please?
A: Not sure if we'll have a song over the credits. The audio guys will no doubt surprise us all :)  (CL)

Q: I want to see Mark Darrah as rogue, Mike Laidlaw as mage and Cameron Lee as warrior in Dragon Age Inquisition Day One. Is possible? :)
A: No. I wouldn't fit in the robes. (ML)
A: I'd make such a bad warrior lol. (CL)

Q: Is this game going to be awesome?
A: http://static.tumblr.com/b472a85b220e593ae6666a90504a241a/rz1mcnl/OzZmy0fyi/tumblr_static_barney-stinson.jpg (CL)

Q: Just showing my appreciation for this Team, even the ones not here - David Gaider, Mary Kirby, Patrick Weekes, Aaryn Flynn and all the other people involved. You're all so wonderful and talented, and fantastic for sitting here (for 7 hours!!) and taking all of these questions, and answering as best you can, without giving away story spoilers. :)
A: Your welcome :) It's great fun, even if we can't answer everything people want to know.  (CL)

Q: Hey team love ur game, just wondering will u guys show us another video of the game cause I watched the e3 one like 100,000 times lol really neat game thx for your time.
A: We'll be doing gameplay more videos between now and release for sure. (CL)

Q: Are the graphics in videos of gameplay and screenshots that we've seen thus far portraying the graphical capabilities of the games current state, past state (and were improved/weakened) or what the game aspires to have as a result towards launch in the future?
A: They represent the state of the game at the point they were captured (MD)

Q: OH!  About Qunari characters....how bulky will they be?  Are we talking, Iron Bull proportions here?  Or something more along the lines of DA 2?  Will we be able to tweak the body size perchance?  That's....probably asking too much in terms of customizing characters but thought I'd give it a shot.
A: Big, but smaller than Bull. (ML)

Q: Can a necromancer inquisitor raise dead nugs to fight for him/her?!
A: An Undead nug swarm! That would be badass! I'm not sure though. (CL)

Q: Hi, I was wondering if item descriptions would be back like in DA:O or if they are gone/limited to a few in the codex like DA2.
A: Some of them are described, but "This is a normal long sword. It is long, and a sword." is not the best use of words, IMO. (ML)

Q: What's the most exciting thing (to you) about Dragon Age Inquisition ?
A: The best thing for me is getting tactical mode back into the game. I love playing in that mode and commanding my characters. (ML)

Q: How many bees?
A: This many! http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/196/6/4/Too_Many_Bees_3_by_Granite_M.jpg  (CL)

Q: Will there be a troll under a bridge or in a dungeon?
A: No (MD)

Q: The phrases "big, open world" and "tactical combat" have been stated as design goals by a lot of developers lately. What do you think your team has done with DA:I that'll set it apart from other RPGs who are working towards those same goals?
A: Tactical camera
A party you control
An inquisition to influence the spaces you explore (MD)

Q: I just really wanted to say to all of you as well as the entire bioware team thankyou. Thankyou for engaging with us the fans. Thankyou for all your time and effort. Just a massive thankyou.
A: Your welcome! (CL)

Q: Is the dragon shown in the first few trailers a different species to the Ferelden Frostback shown in the more recent trailers? (Name? :P)
A: Yes (?)

Q: Do you think the inquisitor displays emotion better than any other DA or even Bioware game?
A: Yes (?)

Q: Favourite crafting herb?
A: Basil (?)

Q: Will we be visiting locations from the previous games and seeing how they have adapted to the worlds events?
A: Yep you'll see some places from previous games which have changed during the events over the last few games.  (CL)

Q: What were some of the most interesting aspects of working with the Frostbite 3 engine for Inquisition? Were there any technical complications that you had to work around?
A: The most technical challenge was to turn a shooter engine into an RPG engine. We had to write many of the systems from scratch and add them into the core frostbite engine.  (CL)

Q: Well we finally get choices that _really_ matter in the end? All Bioware Games somehow lack real consequences on decision you have to make.
A: There's some really major decisions which impact the end. They also impact the game throughout.. Like there's even parts of the game which you'll only see if you make a particular decision.  (CL)

Q: I would like to know what will set this game apart from ever other game in this genre and keep the gamer truly engaged for the long run. It is funny how quickly ideas seem to become repetitive and game play fun, just as quickly, stagnates.
A: Actually leading your own organization and giving orders in an RPG is pretty unique :)   (CL)

Q: I want to know how BioWare has come up with some of the most awesome games over the years, and who comes up with the ideas that keep intriguing us all this time. Especially, whose idea was the whole Dragon Age IP?
A: Lots of coffee :p (CL)

Q: 1. Any cities in the game such as Val Royeaux, Halamshiral, Denerim?
2. Are there black hairstyles in the CC this time around? Such as afro, mini-afro, fade cut, waves cut, flat-top, afro temp, etc
3. Is the romance 2 straight, 4 bi and 2 gay? or 2 straight, 2 bi and 2 gay?
A: Sorry mate, there's some things we can't talk about yet because we'll reveal more info later. (CL)

Q: Would you play this game? Even if you've spent a large some of time makin it?
A: I would yes. The game is way too big to have seen it all even when developing it. So lots will still be a surprise for me.  (CL)

Q: In the Dragon Age universe the Racisme against elfs, qunaris suface dwarf (mostly by the underground dwarfs) and not to forget the mages, played a big part. But in Dragon Age II the only kind of real matter was the fight between mage and templar, my question is so, now when we are in a bigger world again will we see the hate of diffrent people more and more of this "them and us" feeling that really made Dragon Age to a dark game where nobody wanted anything to do with others?
A: Yep, there's racism remains a part of the world of Inquisition.  (CL)

Q: Can I play this game first without having played the others chapters? Thanks
A: Absolutely. We've spent a lot of time making the beginning of the game smooth for new players to get into the series.  (CL)

Q: Hope I can squeeze this in before you guys wrap up, also hope this doesn't count as a story spoiler. During The Inquisitor trailer when Cassandra is confronting the player character he's in full Inquisition armor recognizable from the other trailers. Since this presumably occurs very early in-game does this mean the armor style is used by the PC before the founding of the inquisition, and the rank and file soldiers uniforms are based upon it or was this simply done for the purpose of making the Inquisitor recognizable and iconic in promotional material, and the PC will be wearing more generic armor at the beginning of the game? Also wanted to say how much I love and appreciate all of your guys work and can't wait to play the game. Bioware is exemplary at creating high quality and above all - fun experiences. I know you'll do it again.
A: Thanks for the kind words. There's a bit of story spoiler in talking about scenes in the trailers because they require context. (CL)

Q: Who was Bioware cheering for in the Semi between Brazil and Germany?
(The correct answer is Germany, btw)
A: LOL there's a Brazilian behind me right now... So I'm going to say I cheered for no one.  (CL)

Q: When do writers start to transition over to other projects, like DLC or other games? I would imagine earlier than other teams, right? Thank you so much for all the wonderful answers today and all the hard work on the game.
A: It really depends on the game we're making, but you're right they normally have more time sooner than other teams.  (CL)

Q: Not a question: just a huge thanks for your answers and being so accessible ! so much infos OMG !
A: Thanks! (CL)

Q: Will we being seeing some of the other cultures that exist in the world of the Inquisition? Like the Avvar, the Chasind and the Dalish?
Since we're going all over Orlais, Fereldan and through the Frostbacks we've gotta see something of these people! I mean these are their stomping ground!
PS: Is Skyhold a former Avvar settlement?
PPS: To Mike Laidlaw, Cameron Lee and everyone at BioWare, these are my favorite culture and you who wrote them are better Tolkien, C.S Lewis and Jordan!
A: Yep. You may meet or learn more about some of those groups.  (CL)

Q: Sleepovers?
A: Sure, when and where? ;) (CL)

A: It wouldn't be a Dragon Age game without big spiders! (CL)

Q: Just wanted to tell u guys ur all legends every member of the team thx for answering so many questions tonight :) I'm genuinely chomping at the bit to get my hands on inquisition and u should all be proud best of luck for launch love u all :)
A: Thanks, I hope you like it when you get to play it in October. (CL)

Q: Also, if I wanted to hide an elephant under my armor would I have to remove the chestplate first or can I just stuff it down my pants?
A: Pant stuffing is the recommended process for hiding Elephants. (CL)

Q: will you release a full hd video of E3's 45 min demo?
A: Maybeeeee *wink wink* (CL)

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