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Dragon Age Facebook page with pictures from PAX.

Dragon Age Keep Features Reveal at PAX Prime:

Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day! (US)

More panels today - see the schedule.

News here as it comes in.

sebastianhanlon ‏@hanlsp

Photoset: Dragon Age: Inquisition characters and their Voice Actors

Jos Hendriks ‏@Sjosz
I will announce when I have more codes so it's a fair shot at access for most involved. Sorry about time zone shenanigans.
Note: I will not have codes until at earliest this afternoon, about 5-6 hours from now. So don't hold up your life for that!
Guys I took 5 more codes. I am getting to a safe place to communicate them out. ETA 15 minutes.

Nerd Appropriate ‏@NerdAppropriate

We are giving away one last batch of @DragonAgeKeep codes from #PAX! Follow us and RT - #KEEPME for a shot. Winners chosen later today. GL!

Ashe | Ladyinsanity ‏@ladyinsanity
One of the books in #DragonAge Inquisition - "Before Andrastianism: Forgotten Faiths"
If you're wondering why I haven't made the panel breakdown yet, it's because there's more info every day. I'm compiling everything tonight.
Deep Roads has a different color palette for it and new tile set. More..."open"? #PAX
Was there ever plans for a live action movie for #DragonAge? Chris Bain: "Yep." but nothing to share on any plans right now.

Allegra Clark ‏@SimplyAllegra
Also I stole a bunch more Keep codes today, so I am fully stocked and ready to share more with you! (But after PAX pls)
I can also do a giveaway for people who can't type fast enough! I'll put aside 3 for now. Favorite this tweet for a chance! I'll pick later.

Dragon Age @dragonage
Last day of the BioWare store's PAX Prime sale:

Sunday, August 31

Lady Insanity will be posting Keep beta codes (first one around 10am Pacific time), Allegra Clark (VA of Josephine) will be posting them randomly on the BSN, Nerd Appropriate will be giving some away if you follow/retweet, and we'll probably have other devs post them all day like yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled!

There are many panels today - check out the schedule for details.

There will be signings today at 5pm (Pacific) and tomorrow at 2pm, also with Allegra Clark.

News will be here as it comes in!

Nerd Appropriate @NerdAppropriate
Okay here we go with the first @DragonAgeKeep code giveaways (which is crazy impressive BTW) - I'll be giving more away while at #PAX
First two codes go to @VeliSipri and @K8e10e ! Congrats! --- Will be sending out some more tomorrow am - Keep your eyes on this twitter feed

Ashe | Ladyinsanity ‏@ladyinsanity
They just showed Blackwall's face, without the helmet on. Girl in the back: "HOT." #PAX
Even if your character is holding a Veilfire torch, if you'e in stealth, enemies can't see you. Like...from 3 feet away. #DragonAge
"They were hurting and we helped. Their lives are better because of us." Cole, +5 Approval
Asked about the approval system with Advisors. Devs present not sure on specific mechanics and then got #MoreToReveal, haha. #DragonAge
[regarding specializations] Quest to get the person who will teach you. Then you learn from them.
[regarding the MP characters] I know that they have banter with other characters based on backgrounds (reaver won't get along w templar) so might be there.
No DLC (i.e. expansion pack or a la Javik) on launch. Devs are nose deep into Inquisition. #DragonAge
[on the Bioware Products Panel] Current concepts: Morrigan hoodie, Inquisitor hoodie, Inquisiton belt/wallet/journal, Inquisition hoodie, Morrigan t-shirt. #DragonAge

.@bioware Products that never made it to light... (Liara-senpai, lol)

Bioware products that were never made

MORRIGAN FIGURE! I got a pic. One sec. Potato phone.
Morrigan figurine! (Not final! I repeat, NOT final) #DragonAge

Dragon Age Product Panel Morrigan Figure not final

BioWare ‏@bioware
Haven't had the chance to try out #DAI Multiplayer yet? Come by the Xbox booth from 1:30-6:00 pm tomorrow!
Today's @dragonage demo fun! @aidanscanlan sports Cole's iconic hat. Cori & @KarinWeekes loot elfroot on the floor.

Billy Buskell ‏@ehlien
4th team to complete the #DAMP challenge! Met in line and owned the battle. They're taking home some sweet #DAI swag!

PC Requirements:
I have a question regarding #DAI... When will we have the PC requierements to run the game on PC ?
Mark Darrah ‏@BioMarkDarrah

Soon. Some graphics card things still being shaken out

New Articles:

Dragon Age @dragonage
The last batch of MP characters revealed! #DAI

Saturday, August 30

Devs are tweeting pictures with Keep Beta codes in them. So far they've come from @DiscoBabaloo, @LesPaulDuJour and @iAmSparkkie - keep an eye on the Twitter Roundup page (it auto-refreshes) or for even faster updates go straight to the dev list on twitter.

Also - don't forget in addition to the tons of panels today, there is a cosplay parade from 1-3 PDT. Everyone wins a limited edition Mabari plushie!

Make that female elves only

BioWare ‏@bioware
We're live demoing @DragonAgeKeep!
If you're at #PAXPrime come to the #BioWareBase for free shirts & beta keys!
@dragonage devs are signing Sun 5pm & Mon 2pm #PAXPrime #BioWareBase! Joining is @SimplyAllegra voice of Josephine!

Ashe | Ladyinsanity @ladyinsanity
Chris Bain on Last Flight by Liane Merciel: While mixed success with external authors, this one "phenomenal" and magic's written so well.
Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him. #DragonAge
"There's a reason people have been following our Herald..." - Blackwall #DragonAge
In case you miss a pillar to energize, just listen to the very creepy, resonating sound. That should help. #DragonAge
"There is an event that will open up all of the world" for exploration. Whether the peace talks exploding or a different event, don't know.
"Whole world" as in all the locations available in Inquisition, you's still Ferelden and Orlais.
Flemeth might make an appearance. Mike Laidlaw mentioned it at PAX East, but Jessica Merizan's just reminding you again. #DragonAge

Aidan Scanlan ‏@aidanscanlan

Exclusive Mubari given out to cosplayers at the #BioWareBase, and just maybe at future events...

Dragon Age Inquisition PAX Prime Mabari Plushies for Cosplayers

Gamermd83 ‏@gamermd83
Putting the #DAI LI's into perspective. The ratios aren't as off as it seems once you look at it.

Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Chart as of August 30 2014

More about the PC UI:
[from a board post by Tyler Lee]

So when playing with the Mouse & Keyboard, the hotkeys work the same way as previous titles. (Press M and the map shows up.)

The little buttons in the bottom right do the same thing, because everything should be accessible by the mouse. (Press the map icon, map shows up). You can also press the ESC key (or press the button on the hud) and get the list menu that Allan was referring to, which has your Journal, Map, Character Record, save, load, etc. (Click on the map in the list, map shows up).

The screenshot was taken while paused and zoomed out to 'tac cam' Mouse with the camera works how you would expect, hold both buttons you run, hold the right mouse and you rotate the camera, mouse wheel zooms out. etc

The ground rings have a few settings, you can always show, always hide them or have them just during tac cam.

Hope that answers a few questions, there is more PC specific stuff on the way.

New articles

Some cosplay goodness..
Aidan Scanlan @aidanscanlan
All together! #pax #biowarebase

Dragon Age Inquisition PAX Prime cosplay

Two cards that we have not yet seen are in the following batch: The Katari and the Arcane Warrior:

Dragon Age @dragonage

Some pretty good options in this lot. How will you play? #DAI

Billy Buskell @ehlien
The very first team to complete the #DAMP challenge!! Congrats!!

Friday, August 29

There is no streaming at PAX this year, so we're going to have to prowl through twitter, tumblr, youtube, and the forums for tidbits.

Multiplayer, single player, and the Keep are all getting previews and/or reveals at PAX, so stay tuned here for details as they come in.

Updated to higher quality shot


Mike Laidlaw @Mike_Laidlaw
PC question 1: 8 Ability slots?
A: Yes, per character. Changeable between combat.
PC Question 2: What is that TAB thing?
A2: Highlight stuff in the world.
PC Question 3: Why 8?
A: 32 abilities (along with passives/upgrades) across the party provides a broad spectrum of tactical options.
Ability count clarity: DAI is about roles, planning ahead and making tactical decisions. Potions, ability choice, gear, party composition.
I recognize that not everyone will be happy with the change, but better to let you know about it now than a surprise later.
You can map 8 active abilities per character in your party, and their passives always apply.

Grant Mackay ‏@GrantGMackay
The line up to play MP had to be capped for fire codes. The hype is real. #DAI #PAX

Ashe | Ladyinsanity ‏@ladyinsanity
If you swim too deep in #DragonAge, you will take damage. And probably die.
There's an option to turn Friendly Fire on or off. #DragonAge
One of the mounts you can get is a war nug. #DragonAge #PAX
1.89x10^21 valid permutations for Keep. Better chances to win lottery than have same world state as someone else. Or something like that.
#DragonAge multiplayer is SO challenging, holy hell. Wiped on 4/5 but just glad I didn't die at all until the end, haha. Assassin =
"You can craft appearances for your characters" and same goes for wanting to play as a different character, for example Reaver #DragonAge
French characters that are enemies in single-player DAI but not in multiplayer? I'm genuinely confused. Unnamed enemy faction? #DragonAge
No local co-op for multiplayer mode. Lots of DLC support, same with ME3's. Challenge system like ME3 back. #DragonAge #PAX
Tarot cards inspired by Magic, originally for multiplayer. Single-player team saw it and used it also for companions. #DragonAge
On available #DragonAge multiplayer characters (at launch): 1 Qunari, 1 Dwarf. A few Elves. Mainly humans. More characters post-launch.

BioWare ‏@bioware
Q&A @DragonAgeKeep: If your memory is fuzzy, Keep provides context for decisions you make! You may also learn about choices you didn't make!
Q&A @DragonAgeKeep: Using HTML 5, Keep is easy to use on all devices including the web functionality within consoles!
If you're at #PAXPrime and you see these lovely people, ask them for a @DragonAgeKeep beta code! They also have swag!

Now at #BioWareBase: "What's Exciting in Gaming" Our devs chat about indie games, what they're playing, & cool tech!

We welcome ALL cosplayers to join us tomorrow from 1-3 for our Costume Parade! Everyone wins a limited edition Mabari

Single Player Demo

Dragon Age Inquisition PAX Prime Single Player Demo


Check out the Multiplayer page (that will be updated with info from PAX as soon as I'm able)

PC Gamer's Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer interview with Scylla Costa

New Character shots:

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer cards

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer cards

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer cards

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer cards

Inquisition HQ

BioWare ‏@bioware
1st public reveal of #InquisitionHQ companion app to @dragonage Multiplayer! Talk to @LesPaulDuJour to learn more!

Ashe | Ladyinsanity ‏@ladyinsanity
Inquisition HQ, an app to set your characters up for multiplayer, is coming up in the next panel. My last panel of the day!
Inquisition HQ - All multiplayer. On the go. Totally took this pic on a potato.

Ryan Warden @LesPaulDuJour
Inquisition HQ will allow you to check in on characters, modify your loadout, salvage and upgrade items, and craft new ones
We'll also have challenge and leaderboard tracking. We'll launch day-and-date with DAI, on iOS, Android, WinPhone 8, and desktop browsers

Fernando Melo @DiscoBabaloo
1st screens IHQ #PAXPrime #biowarebase (think N7HQ for @dragonage MP)

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Inquisition HQ

Browser, native app (iOS, android, Win phone) IHQ #PAXPrime #biowarebase

Craft, melt, equip, compare #DAMP items on the go - IHQ #PAXPrime #biowarebase

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Inquisition HQ

Dragon Age Keep

The Keep will apparently be narrated by Brian Bloom (Varric) - this was in a tweet from a PAX-goer that was favorited by one of the devs.
Response to the Keep reveal has been very positive! Go team!

Dragon Age Keep Tapestry

Dragon Age Keep Demo

Dragon Age Keep Demo

Reveal videos from our YouTubers:

Fernando Melo @DiscoBabaloo
My sincere thanks to @ladyinsanity @AbilityDrain @gamermd83 @ScottishW92 for helping us get all of you @DragonAgeKeep reveal info!

Ashe | Lady Insanity


Scottishwarrior92 - Gloryess Geekyness & complete Crap


Ashe | Lady Insanity

Team Signings

Bioware Base at PAX

New screen shots