How to Import Your World State from the Dragon Age Keep into Dragon Age: Inquisition

Please read this page all the way through before beginning.

You need:

1. An internet connection

Note: The only time you have to be connected to the internet for Dragon Age: Inquisition game play is when you first start a game and want to import a world state from the Keep.. or if you want to play multiplayer :) For single player gameplay, it is not necessary once you import your world state. You might want to go online occasionally when you play so that the game can send your progress to the Keep and update your Inquisition world state, but that's entirely up to you.

When you launch the game, do you get a message that you are not connected to the Origin servers? This means you are either not connected to the internet or there is another problem preventing your PC or console from logging in to the Dragon Age Servers. This problem needs to be fixed before going any further.
  • Verify your PC or console is connected to the internet. Check all internet cables (it helps to unplug and replug) if you are hard wired, or wireless connection if you are wireless. See if you can log in to another game or to another online area to verify connectivity.
  • If you're on Xbox, try clearing your cache. On the Xbox 360 go into settings and there's an option for this (I think it's in the hard drive or system section), and on the Xbox One completely unplug your console for 30+ seconds then plug it back in.
  • Dragon Age and Dragon Age Keep usually post on Twitter when there are login issues, so check there: @DragonAge @DragonAgeKeep

2. Your console account and Origin need to be linked

See the steps below to verify this and fix if they are not:
  • Do your Origin and Xbox Live / PSN account emails match?
  • Is there any chance Origin could be confused as to which Xbox gamertag or PSN ID it's attached to.. like if you've recently changed your Origin or Xbox email address or changed your gamertag?
Also, make sure of the following:
  • Go into your Xbox or Playstation settings and make sure it's set to automatically log you in to the game, and double check the gamertag or PSN ID in use by your console (I know this sounds silly, but I've had a few people where this was the issue)
  • Log in to the Keep
  • On that first page after login, it will show you which gamertag and/or PSN ID is linked to your Origin account. Check the "Connected Personas" section.
Dragon Age Keep Account Check After Login

If they are not linked, do the following:

To link the two accounts via Origin:
  • Launch the Origin program on your computer or open if you already have it launched.
  • Log in and open the Friends list (upper right corner) or click Friends menu > Show Friends List
  • Click Add a Friend at the bottom
  • On the window that comes up, on the left will be "Import Friends" with an Xbox Live and PSN button.
  • Click the one you need to link and follow the instructions
  • Log out of your console, then back in.

...and 2a. You need to be logged in!

Log in to your Origin account on the PC or console.

3. An exported World State

It is not enough to create your world state and save it. You need to explicitly export it for use in Dragon Age: Inquisition. There is a lot of helpful text in the Keep that shows up when you need to do this, but here it is step by step.

If you are on a console, make sure your console is online and logged in during this export & import process.

Open the right panel by clicking the world icon in the upper right of the screen:
Dragon Age Keep click world icon

Click the "Export to DA Inquisition" button and then "Yes, Continue!" on the window that comes up. Do not worry about anything being actually overwritten - the only thing it is overwriting is what is in the export slot. There can only be one world state available for import into Inquisition at a time, but you can re-export as often as you like and it will overwrite the export slot every time.

Export to Dragon Age: Inquisition

Make sure that world state is now listed in the lower right with a green check mark: Dragon Age Keep verify world state is in exported slot

Make a note of the time stamp it lists.

  • Stay logged in to the Keep in your browser, log in to your console, and launch Dragon Age: Inquisition. (You don't have to stay logged in to the Keep at this point, but there is anecdotal evidence that this helps, and could also help avoid a bug where your world state's Hawke and Warden's portraits get replaced with the defaults.) Absolutely make sure to stay online with your PC/console during character creation.
  • In Inquisition, start a new character.
  • Choose your race, class, etc and when it asks if you would like to import a world state, choose Yes. This happens during character creation; it is not the Dragon Age Keep button in the Extras section of the game! That button only goes to an informational page and link to the Dragon Age Keep web site.
  • At this point, the game will pull in the world state you just exported in the Keep, and it will show you the date/timestamp you made a note of.
  • Make sure these match! If they do not match, either the Keep is having an issue, you have no internet connection, or the world state did not get exported properly (or a friend/family member is in your Keep account moving things around!). It's also possible your console is logging in with a different account or that your console account is not linked to your Origin ID. Go back through the steps and verify.
If you are having difficulty, feel free to send me an email and I'll try to help you get to the bottom of it.