Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting - Try to Force a Data Upload

5. (Origins only) Try to force a data upload via screen shots

You can try to see if uploading a couple of your screen shots forces an upload of the character data, at least for Origins. Go into "Player Profile" from the main Origins menu - you'll find your screen shots listed in the "Screen shots" tab, and you can choose each one and upload it. Try to do a few.

Dragon Age Origins Launch Menu Player Profile

Dragon Age Keep Troubleshooting Upload Screen shot from Origins

Once again, give the data a few hours to sync.

If your Wardens are still refusing to show up in the Keep after trying everything in this guide and a day of waiting, we can do a bit more troubleshooting to see if your storage is full or if there is any corrupt data on the old BSN. Onward!