Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting - Syncing from Consoles

Syncing from consoles

Next gen consoles: Your Xbox gamertag or PSN ID carries over from Xbox 360/PS3 to Xbox One/PS4. If you have played any EA game on the last generation of consoles, use that same account when you play on next gen.

Check the Registered Game Content page on the BSN https://social.bioware.com/user_entitlements.php and see if there is an Xbox gamertag or PSN ID associated with your account. If your emails match in your Origin/BSN and Xbox/PSN accounts, they will automatically be linked when you play online and should already be listed here.

Dragon Age BSN Registered Game Content

If the emails between your Xbox gamertag/PSN ID and Origin do not match, your games are not showing up as registered, or you want to try re-linking your accounts, try the steps on the Linking Console Accounts to Origin page.

Registering the games

If you need to register a downloaded version of Origins for a console, you may need to contact EA Help.

For recent registrations: You may not need to do this as your game may auto-register if you used the same email for both accounts and you play the game while online. If it is not showing up, you can try manually linking them - see Linking Console Accounts to your Origin. After they are linked and you play while online, your characters should show up in the Keep.

For older registrations (prior to the Keep team taking syncing down during development), if you can see your registered game in the Dragon Age: Origins section of the old BSN, and your Wardens are not syncing after trying everything in this guide, you can try to get to your Profile Diagnostics page to see if your storage is full or if there is any corrupt data.
If you need further help with this, see this BSN help page.