Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting - Old / Legacy BSN Profile Diagnostics

Checking the Legacy BSN for corrupt or full data in Profile Diagnostics

This section is for Dragon Age: Origins only. It is no longer necessary (nor are we able to) click to sync profiles from the old BSN with the recent changes to the site.

The data in the Old / Legacy BSN has been made read-only, but the BSN is still the place that the games send character data to. We aren't worried about read-only for our purposes here, but about visibility - we may or may not be able to get to where the characters are stored.

The character data appears to be invisible if you've recently registered OR never previously uploaded your characters. If either is the case, your games/characters may not show up there visibly where we can see them at all, ever, but it will still be pulled into the Keep from wherever they are storing it. The BSN is the only place right now where we can see if uploaded data is corrupt or delete files or screen shots - hopefully they will add that functionality to the Keep later.

So if you have recently registered your game OR never previously uploaded your characters, the following may not work for you. This will probably only work for those people who (1) already had their game registered (and Xbox or PSN accounts linked) and (2) had Wardens already uploaded to the old BSN prior to the Keep team making the data read-only. It's worth a shot, though :)

Check your online data

To check what you already have online or to see if your data has uploaded properly, log into the old BSN at your User Entitlements page at https://social.bioware.com/user_entitlements.php (if you get a white page, just reload). After you log in, there is a menu on the upper left under your avatar.

First, hover over "My Games" and a side menu pops up - choose "Player Profiles".

In the Dragon Age: Origins section, check to see if there is a link in [Game] - [Platform] format. If not, hover over "My Games" in the left menu again and see if your game is listed under the "Player Profiles" choice. Sometimes the game is not listed in the Dragon Age: Origins section but is listed under the menu.

Dragon Age Inquisition Keep Troubleshooting Old BSN Player Profiles Dragon Age Inquisition Keep Troubleshooting Old BSN Player Profiles

If you do not see a link in either place, then we cannot get to your data with this method. If it is there, click on either link. You should see your characters on the next page.

Check for online storage capacity and data corruption

To see if your characters have uploaded completely, click the Profile Diagnostics button on the top left. This will take you to a page where it lists all of your characters and each piece of uploaded data. If you get to this page and get the error "Wrong persona id" or an error saying there is no character data, then you either have no characters uploaded or you've recently registered and that character data is somewhere we can't reach it.

If it does list your characters, excellent! If any of them have a red x under any of the columns, its data is corrupt or did not upload correctly. Click the checkbox next to that character under the "Delete?" column and press "Delete Selected Characters".

Dragon Age Bioware Social Network Profile Diagnostics

Under that is an "On-Line Storage Summary" area. You need enough available space for each Warden to fully upload. There is a limit of 50 files that you can store here; this includes your Warden files and any screen shots you may have uploaded. Most Wardens need 4 files, so if you have any screenshots here that you can get rid of to make room, check the box next to them and select "Delete Selected Screenshots". With a limit of 50 files, this has an inherent limit of 12 Wardens, so bear that in mind. Make sure there is room enough for the Wardens you are trying to sync (number of available file spaces needed = 4 * however many Wardens).

It's also possible to have multiple copies of characters since each DLC uploaded its own version of your Warden. You can try deleting all the copies then re-sync with just one save to clear up some space.

Dragon Age Keep Troubleshooting Old Legacy BSN Online Storage Profile Diagnostics

If storage is full or getting close to it, you can delete specific characters or screen shots, or hit "Delete all files" to clear up space. (Personally, I'd  clear them all out anyway to make sure nothing in there is jamming up the works, then re-sync only with the Wardens I want, but that's just me).

After clearing some space, try to re-sync your character(s) from Origins - see the beginning of the guide. If you've already gone through the other steps then you can probably just try to re-sync using the re-save trick. Don't forget to be logged in from the game while doing so. Then give your characters some time to sync.

If it is still not working, see this page for other things you can try.