Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting - Linking Console Accounts to Origin

How to link your Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID to EA Origin

This page is specific to the Old Bioware Social Network (BSN). See How to Import Your World State from the Dragon Age Keep into Dragon Age: Inquisition for how to tell if they are linked from within the Keep instead.

If your games are not showing up as being registered on the Old BSN and you are on a console and have played while online, your Origin and console accounts might not be linked.

This can happen if you did not use the same email address for both accounts, have always played offline, or if you first linked/registered while syncing was down during Keep development.

Any games registered to you will show up in the "My Games" menu on the left side of the Old BSN, and in the "Games Registered to.." section on the Player Profiles page (My Games > Player Profiles).

Dragon Age Keep Troubleshooting Old Bsn Player Profiles Game Registered

To see if your Origin and XBox Gamertag / PSN ID are linked:
Either log into the BSN and go to User Entitlements here: https://social.bioware.com/user_entitlements.php
(It will show your Origin account associations at the top)

Dragon Age Keep Old BSN Registered Game Content


  • Go to http://profile.ea.com and login with your Origin account
  • Under the section "Select A Default Persona" see if your XBox Gamertag or PSN ID is listed
  • You can also add an EA Classic Screen Name in here if you need to

If (1) your console account is not listed, or (2) if it is, but there is nothing listed in the BSN site menu in the "My Games" menu under Player Profiles or "Games Registered to.." section on the Player Profiles page, then link the two via Origin:
  • Launch the Origin program on your computer or open if you already have it launched.
  • Log in and open the Friends list (upper right corner) or click Friends menu > Show Friends List
  • Click Add a Friend at the bottom
  • On the window that comes up, on the left will be "Import Friends" with an Xbox Live and PSN button.
  • Click the one you need to link and follow the instructions

Once imported, this will link your accounts. Dragon Age: Origins should eventually show up under the "My Games" menu on the BSN web site and under "Games Registered to.." on the Player Profiles page.

  • Check if your accounts are now linked by performing the above steps again (checking the BSN or profile.ea.com)
  • Launch the game and do the re-save trick while online

Your game should auto-register. If it doesn't: