Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting - Known Issues & Other Guides

Known Issues and ways to work around them, if applicable
I will try to keep this updated the best I can - if you know of an issue or work around that is not listed below, please let me know so I can add it.

General Site & Performance Issues
Issues with Choices / Quests / Tiles
Sync Issues
Known bugs they are working on
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General Site & Performance Issues

If you re-sync in the Keep while using a locked world state you might end up stuck on the Hero Screen (step 3 of the sync). From Brian Mills, one of the devs:

You can fix this by changing the part of the URL that reads "fuex" to read "worldvault". Once that is done, unlock the world and you should be ok for the next time (or make a new, unlocked world, and select it before you run the sync tool)

If you are stuck in a syncing loop in the Keep and can't get out, try going to this URL: https://dragonagekeep.com/en_US/worldvault/#product/dao

If you see any issues or bugs in the Keep, please use the Beta Feedback tool in the upper right of the Keep. This gets the information to the developers the fastest, and also sends them information on your computer so they can see which browser might be having that trouble, etc.

If you are unable to use the Beta Feedback tool, try disabling any ad blocking software or browser plugins. You can disable it for the Dragon Age Keep site only by going into the settings for your plugin and allowing www.dragonagekeep.com.

Make sure you are using the same Origin login that you used to register your game. See this page for how to link Origin and consoles, and this page on how to register your game from Steam.

Chrome is the recommended browser to use with the Keep. It will work on other browsers, consoles, and mobile devices, but Chrome is recommended. If you are having trouble and you are not using Chrome, give it a try. If you still have trouble, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then try again.

If you're having trouble with some tiles not showing, the ISS not playing properly, or any other audio/video issues, try logging out (www.dragonagekeep.com/logout), clearing your browser cache, and logging back in. Alternatively, try using an incognito window on Chrome.

If you can't see the "approve" button on the Heroes page or if any other button or text is cut off, try zooming out in your browser (press CTRL and - (minus key) or go to Tools > Zoom > 75% Zoom) or going to full screen (press F11 to go to full screen, press it again to turn it off).

Sometimes if you click to confirm a choice, it doesn't take you back out to the Tapestry, it just sits there. You can back out manually by clicking on the game menu in the top left corner of the Keep screen and clicking on the game name.

If you come into the tapestry at any point and your tiles are all greyed out, refresh the browser.

If you are not able to add people as friends in the Keep:
You can work around this by becoming friends on Origin and then getting your new Origin friend to sign into the Keep - then you automatically become Keep friends. Try this if you can't find the person in the Keep list, or if your friend is having trouble accepting your friend invitation.

If you are unable to delete a world state:
  • Try renaming the one you want to delete and then try to delete it again
  • If this doesn't work, then try logging out of the Keep (http://www.dragonagekeep.com/logout), close the browser window, reopen the browser and log back in, then try again.
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Issues with Choices / Quests / Tiles

A note about the Yevhen vs Nathaniel quests in Dragon Age 2: You can do either one, but not both. If Nathaniel is alive from Awakenings, you get the quest to go help him in the Deep Roads. Otherwise, you get Yevhen's quest. This was bugged in-game. Many people got the Yheven quest instead of Nathaniel when they should have gotten Nathaniel, but you can do it either way you wish in the Keep.

If you can't remember what a quest is about, try going to The Dialogue Wheel's Keep Companion. It explains the different quests from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. The site has many quest tiles not apparent at first glance - I suggest doing a search for your quest at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can check out the save game viewers, look at this forum topic for Dragon Age 2 quests (if you want to look in your in-game quest journal) or try looking it up on the Dragon Age Wiki.

Not seeing a tile for the Orlesian Warden? That's because there isn't one - yet. It may not happen before launch. However, if your Warden performed the Ultimate Sacrifice the Keep assumes that the Orlesian Warden was the one in Awakening.

Do you feel there are some missing plot tiles? Send a suggestion via the Beta Feedback tool - there is a choice when sending feedback specifically for plot points.

The romance tiles are confusing / aren't letting you add everyone you romanced. The romance tiles only track which romance actually completed. This means you cannot choose to romance one companion then a second in the same play through. It also means that certain events that stop a romance from completing (such as not killing Anders in Dragon Age 2 for Sebastian's romance) can negate the romance completely if they are chosen.

Unrelated conflicts occurring after a choice is made - they aren't really unrelated, but it can seem that way. A good way to head off many of the conflicts that pop up is to set the Dark Ritual choice and the Landsmeet choice first, and lock them, before making any other choices in the tapestry.

If you were an earlier beta tester and you open a world state created a while ago, you may immediately see dozens of conflicts in your world state right upon opening it. They changed many of the decisions on the back end so it appears to have flagged those choices as needing verification. This apparently makes the conflict screen pop up with all those choices listed even though they are not necessarily in conflict with each other. Either accept the changes it wants to make then go back and re-verify your choices (many times this mass-conflict doesn't actually change anything as the choices were just flagged as "changed" on the back end), or start a new world state and delete this old one.

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Sync Issues

Are some, but not all, of your Wardens being synced? Depending on how many you have, this may be working as designed. There is a limit of 50 files (and 10 MB) of storage space for Dragon Age: Origins, and most Wardens take 4 files each. If you have over 12 Wardens, for instance, the rest will not be able to upload. You also could have duplicate Wardens or many screen shots stored online. See this page to see if you can get to your Diagnostics page so you can delete some to make room for others you want in the Keep more. You can also delete screen shots while you're in there if they are taking up room.

If your Wardens or Hawkes are not showing up in the Keep at all, try the main troubleshooting page.

There is a known issue with some DLC not showing up in the Keep after a sync. The team is working on this.

Error message in Dragon Age: Origins: "Unable to access your online profile storage. The account information provided may be invalid." This could indicate that your account still has the problem caused by registering Dragon Age 2 prior to Origins. The team is working on a script to fix this for everyone automatically.

Do you have duplicate Wardens showing up? Origins uploaded copies of your characters when syncing during an expansion / DLC, so it's possible to have a Warden for Origins, one for Awakenings, etc. See this page if you'd like to see if you can delete them from the old BSN. Delete functionality for characters is not yet available in the Keep, but the team have said they'd like to get it in.

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Known bugs they are working on
  • Quite a few of the accomplishments keep repeating or are lit on one page and dark on another.
  • Error message in Origins: "Unable to access your online profile storage. The account information provided may be invalid."
  • Some DLC does not show up in the Keep

The long-standing issue with being unable to sync Dragon Age: Origins data if Dragon Age 2 was registered first has been fixed (but there are still a few people experiencing the issue. Symptom (besides the main one of Wardens not syncing) is the error in Origins of "Unable to access your online profile storage. The account information provided may be invalid.")

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Other Help guides


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Other Links & More Info

To see the games and DLC you've registered: http://social.bioware.com/user_entitlements.php
To register your games: http://social.bioware.com/user_bw_games_register.php or you can register them in Origin:
  • Log into the Origin software on PC
  • Click "Origin" on the top menu and select the first option: "Redeem Product Code"
  • Enter the code from your box, your email receipt, or from Steam (see the Steam page)
  • If you're on a console and do not have any of these to get the code from, link your PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag and that will register your games and DLC. See here for how to link them.
To register DLC or enter other promo codes: http://social.bioware.com/redeem_code.php or do it in Origin as above.
Download patches for PC:
If you want to see if your Origin account is linked to a PSN/Xbox gamertag, see the Linking Console Accounts to Origin page.
If you have forgotten your Origin login information, go to your EA Profile Page and click "I forgot my password".
If you need to register a downloaded version of either Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 (or any of their DLCs) for a console, you need to contact EA Help.

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