Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting

The Dragon Age Keep will be where all of our game decisions are stored from now on for import into Dragon Age: Inquisition and forward. If you're here, then you're probably having trouble getting your characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to show up in the Keep - and if so, read on. If you're looking more for general information on what the Keep is and what it does, check out the Dragon Age Keep FAQ. If you are having trouble importing from the Keep to Dragon Age: Inquisition, see this section of the page.

Your games must be registered to your Origin account and your characters must be synced from the games in order to use your previous heroes in the Keep. However, please remember that syncing your characters is not required. The only things that sync are your character's name, portrait, class, race and achievements - NOT the story. You could do nearly the same thing in the Keep by choosing a default hero matching your character's race and class. In both cases you will need to go into the tapestry to choose what you did in that play-through / world state. So if you're having trouble getting your characters imported, remember the only difference will be visual (mostly the 2D portrait), and the most important thing is set up the world state itself that you want to use in Inquisition.

That being said, if you'd like to try to troubleshoot the problem, read on. Don't forget to read the Known Issues page first, as the problem you are seeing may be a well-known one that the team may already be working on.

If you still have trouble after trying everything here in this guide, please fill out the
DA Syncing Survey for the Keep team. Return to this first page if you'd like to ask a question or get help in the comments below.

What the Keep syncs, and how
The Keep will sync character data (
your character's name, portrait, class, race and achievements) from data uploaded from your games. Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 upload this data to the old BSN directly from the games, which the Keep will pull in.

Before you start: If you're using a console, see the Syncing from Consoles page.
To ask a question or leave a comment: Comments/Questions

And with that, let's get started!
Go to Step 1: Make sure your games are patched

Importing into Dragon Age: Inquisition

After everything is syncing right from Origins and 2 to the Keep or you have created a world state from scratch to use, you will want to manage your world state and import it into Dragon Age: Inquisition. See the following pages:
How to Import Your World State from the Dragon Age Keep into Dragon Age: Inquisition
Tutorial - World State Manager

How To - Get Your World State in to Inquisition
If you still have trouble importing to Dragon Age: Inquisition after following those guides, send the Keep team a tweet.

Very important when importing your world state into the game: this does not happen until after you have started to create your character. You will start a new game, choose your race, class, gender and game difficulty - then it will ask if you would like to import from Dragon Age Keep. There is a Dragon Age Keep button inside the Extras section in the game that does nothing but take you to the web site - it is not for importing.

Once again, the only things that will sync from the first two games to the Keep are your character name, portrait, achievements, race and class.

If you still have trouble after trying everything here, fill out the DA Syncing Survey for the Keep team and send them a tweet.

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