Varric Tethras

Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue
Introduced: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2
Role: Companion
Romanceable: No

Varric Tethras is a Dwarf, born on the surface after his family was exiled from Orzammar after his father's misdeeds. He is the youngest of 2 boys; his elder brother Bartrand has a seat on the Dwarven Merchant's Guild, and Varric does his part by handling the underground spy network for the guild and being, by all appearances, a dwarf with little interest other than swilling ale and telling tall tales in the Hanged Man bar.

We first meet him in Dragon Age 2 as he is being interrogated by Cassandra Pentaghast, a Chantry Seeker, about Hawke. He first meets and befriends Hawke after Hawke is turned down for an expedition to the Deep Roads that Bartrand is planning. Varric offers a partnership to Hawke if Hawke can come up with enough money for it, and he tags along on the adventures as Hawke earns it.

Throughout Dragon Age 2, Varric is a stalwart companion no matter if he is a friend or rival, accompanying Hawke on whichever quests Hawke wishes him to, telling tales about Hawke's prowess in battle (exaggerating here and there, as usual), and even questioning Hawke's choice in romantic partner if they have one. Varric is not a romance option in Dragon Age 2, but can be a loyal friend and companion.

Varric has a crossbow named Bianca. Bianca is so special that Varric can equip no other bow - but we never do hear how she got her name.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Role: Companion
Romanceable: No

Varric will be a companion, but not a love interest, again in Dragon Age: Inquisition. We do not yet know how he comes to join, but speculation exists that he and Cassandra may be traveling together after she is done questioning him at the end of Dragon Age 2. It's entirely possible, however, that we find the two of them separately.

Varric is voiced by Brian Bloom in both games.
His writer in both games is Mary Kirby.

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