Gift Guide for the Dragon Age Fan

If a friend or family member is a Dragon Age fan, you might be wondering what might make a good gift for them. Below are some gift ideas - good for any time, not just Christmas.

If you're the fan, feel free to print this out, highlight liberally, and give it to your loved one(s) so they know what's on your wish list!

The games themselves

We have Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and now Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Dragon Age Inquisition Xbox 360

Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II play on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.
Dragon Age: Inquisition plays on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Amazon usually has the physical copies in stock, and also has instant or gift-able PC Downloads. If you want to just purchase a code to gift, Amazon puts the registration code into your software library on the site after purchase and you can then gift that code.

Game editions: there are a few different editions of the games. There’s the Standard edition, Deluxe, and Collector’s. The Deluxe comes with a few extra in-game (virtual extras) goodies and the Collector’s Editions usually come with physical goodies as well as what’s included in the Deluxe. Collector’s Editions usually sell out very quickly and the only way to find them (or some of the physical goodies) is to search eBay. See below for pre-made searches and RSS feeds for Dragon Age items that can help you search. Some good items from Inquisition's Collector Edition would be the lock-picks, the steel book, the tarot cards, or the cloth map. (You can see everything that came in the Inquisitor's/Collector's edition on this page.)

You can find the games at the following stores. Some will let you get a download code to gift to someone, some are the physical cd that needs to be shipped to you, and some are through programs such as Steam. (The game is downloaded via those programs - these do make good gifts if you already know your giftee uses them and if, like Steam, there is a mechanism built in for gifting directly to a friend during purchase).

To order Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 from Amazon, see the Amazon Dragon Age Store.
Other places to order Origins: GameStop US  GameStop UK GameStop Italy Best Buy 
Other places to order Dragon Age 2: GameStop US  GameStop UK GameStop Italy Best Buy
To see where to order Inquisition, see this page.

Ordering through Steam - you can gift to a friend during purchase; you will need their Steam user id or their email address if they don't have a Steam account.
Ordering through GameStop & Best Buy - you can purchase online for pickup at the physical stores. See your respective country's website link above and then click on the store locator.

Something to play the games on

Could they use a new PC, laptop or console? One of the new consoles would make a great gift, especially if you also bought the game with it. Ebay has some gaming PCs and laptops, and you can also search for a good used laptop if you're on a budget. The Microsoft Store has Xbox Ones and 360s (so do Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop). Don't forget that usually with GameStop and Best Buy, you can purchase online then just go pick it up at your local store.

Many people enjoy using gaming laptops to play on. If you're going to go that route, I'd recommend the ASUS Republic of Gamer (ROG) machines over the Alienware ones. Even a used ROG machine is pretty good, just check the stats and make sure it meets, or is fairly close to, the recommended specs (not minimum) for the games. Used machines are always up for auction on eBay and sometimes for sale on Amazon. It may take a while to win an auction at the price you want to pay on eBay, but you can get a good deal if you're patient.

You could also get a gaming PC, but your giftee may prefer to build their own. In which case, a gift card to their favorite PC-hardware place (NewEgg, Amazon, etc) may be your best bet.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Gift Cards

To play Multiplayer on Dragon Age: Inquisition, players have to be online, so for console users you could get a gift card for Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. I know Xbox Live is required for Multiplayer, but I'm not sure about PlayStation Network. Even if it's not required to play multiplayer, the cards can purchase other things so I'm sure they'd love one just the same.

Xbox Live Gift Cards: Best Buy Amazon GameStop Microsoft Store: 12 month 12 month starter kit 3 month
PlayStation Network Gift Cards: Best Buy Amazon GameStop

The Soundtrack

The music for the games is sometimes included in the Deluxe versions. If it isn't, or you'd just like to purchase it by itself, they are usually available on Amazon Music, iTunes and Rhapsody. There is usually a gifting option for those. If they already have the soundtrack on their Xbox, keep them listening to it across all of their devices with an Xbox Music Pass.

Game Merchandise

Dragon Age Flemeth Statue
If someone likes a game, then they would really like a physical manifestation of it, such as action figures, statues, or even plushies. A collector’s edition of a game with the physical goodies that comes with it would be good, as well. A few places carry these items, listed below.

The Dragon Age section of the Bioware store has everything from dice sets to hoodies to t-shirts to gorgeous posters to coffee mugs. Check out their selection.
Dragon Age Nug Plush Animal

eBay usually has a large selection of Dragon Age figures, books, videos, dice and card sets, the Dragon Age games, and everything in between. If something like the Inquisitor’s Edition of the game is sold out, eBay is the place to look for it (either the entire set or different pieces of it). Below are some links to RSS feeds for different countries & items. Save them to your RSS Reader and keep checking in!

Some options:

There is a huge selection of Dragon Age strategy guides, comics, novels, lore and art books covering the Dragon Age universe. (See the videos & books page for a complete list and places to purchase.)

For audio books, has quite a few of them.


Videos such as Dawn of the Seeker are great gifts for Dragon Age fans. You can usually find these at Amazon and on eBay. See the videos & books page for a complete list. The movies are also available on iTunes.

Other Dragon Age items

For fan-made & fan-designed merchandise you can always take a look at CafePress and Zazzle for fun and interesting mug, t-shirt and hoody designs. They even have iPhone cases and mouse pads. Amazon has some mouse pads and iPhone cases, as well.

There are also Dragon Age tabletop games. Check out the Videos & Books page section on them for more information.

In addition, if your gamer has a lot of games, a unique gift would be software to let them catalog all of them. That way they would know which editions they have, where they are located, and who they loaned them to! Check out Collectorz for this type of software.

Make sure the item description says it is Dragon Age, and maybe even mentions Bioware. Do not get something called "Age of Dragons," for instance - it's not the same thing.

eBay Direct Search Links
Try this link here to search (should take you to your country's eBay - if not try the links below)
Search for Dragon Age items on eBay US - ebay UK - ebay NL - ebay IT - ebay IT - ebay FR - ebay ES - ebay DE - ebay CH - ebay CA - ebay BE - ebay AU - ebay AT

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