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Recap for Tuesday, June 10
(the stuff I picked up on, more below in the breakdown list)

  • Open world exploration is purposeful; it strengthens the party and/or helps the citizens/denizens of the world.
  • Adventuring earns the currency of power.
  • Many different types of mounts besides horse to collect throughout the world. Different mounts will give you different perks. There will be "Lizardy" mounts.
  • No level-scaling of areas.
  • Tactical camera - view today's interviews, they explain the nifty stuff it can show you now.
  • We will be able to jump.
  • Dragons have been re-worked from the ground up. They will take specific targeting and teamwork to defeat.
  • Crafted items made with parts from a downed dragon will be some of the best in-game.
  • Still a single-player game.
  • Game can be saved at will.
  • You can level up the inquisition through research. You can research different things (arcane, for example), and it will unlock conversation (and other?)  options.
  • Female Qunari's face, The Iron Bull's face, and Dorian were shown.
  • You can search for artifacts ("0/x Shards Spotted") - point at this time is unknown.
  • How you got the mark on your hand is a major mystery.
  • More romances in DA:I than any other bioware game ever any Dragon Age before. This was revised since KOTOR had a LOT of them.
  • More spells and upgrades than the previous games (Mike Laidlaw confirmed: 200+ spells/talents/upgrades total across all classes).
  • You can miss potential companions, or you can anger them enough that they leave. It's even possible to finish the game with just one single companion.
  • Leliana is confirmed as the Spymaster of the Inquisition.
  • "Dramatic Hands Mustache Guy", or DHMG, confirmed as Dorian, a companion.
  • Sera confirmed as female-only romance.
  • There is a "focus" resource you build up through teamwork, which allows you to cast powerful spells like Haste that you wouldn't otherwise be able cast.
  • Just the base story will take roughly 50 or so hours.
  • Alix Wilton Reagan (Mhairi in Awakening, Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 2) is voicing one of the lady inquisitors

Other news:
Dragon Age Keep invites will be sent all week, so watch your mailboxes!
"Dragon Age: Last Flight" new release date: September 16, 2014
More interviews coming this week during E3, but most appear to be un-announced ones, as the schedule only shows one more for tomorrow.

The only thing new heard on Wednesday (June 11) was that there is a possibility of modding support coming later. Hurray for modding!
Also, Timothy Watson (Bann Teagan in Dragon Age: Origins, Gamlen Amell Dragon Age 2) is NOT voicing one of the male Inquisitors as far as anyone can tell yet - so far it's just a rumor.

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