E3 2014 Coverage

E3 2014 is June 9-12th, 2014. The Bioware Devs have said the entire week will be Dragon Age: Inquisition week, and from all their tweets recently it sounds like there is going to be absolute ton of new information coming. I'll try to compile it all here as it comes in.

Bioware Forum threads to follow: One and Two

Microsoft and Sony will have their consoles out - while DA:I is not guaranteed to show, there is a possibility, so they are listed here.

Scroll down for trailers and demos shown, and click here for information recaps.

Scheduled Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 Events

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Monday, June 9
Possible: Microsoft Press Event - 9:30am US Pacific | Microsoft Event Link
EA Press Conference - 12 Noon US Pacific | EA Event Link
GameTrailers All Access - 1pm US Pacific (directly after EA) | GameTrailers Event Link
Possible: Sony Press Event - 6pm US Pacific | Twitch Livestream Link

Tuesday, June 10
Twitch DA:I session - 10:30-11:00am US Pacific | Twitch Livestream Link
Recording: Dragon Age Inquisition starts around 1:43 : Twitch recording

IGN DA:I session - 3-3:20pm US Pacific | IGN Event Link

Wednesday, June 11
Gamespot DA:I Session - 10:40-11am US Pacific | Gamespot Event Link


Day 1 - June 9, 2014

New Trailer (from Microsoft press event)
See Screen shots taken from the first 2 events here
Includes note about some content coming out first for the XBox One
Update: Microsoft has clarified that the exclusive content will be the first single-player add-on
for Dragon Age: Inquisition. This will arrive first on Xbox (360 and One).
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Trailers / Videos

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Lead Them or Fall

E3 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Demo

IGN Coverage
(skip to 2:59 for the Dragon Age: portion; this is the one with the cellist, also below)

E3 2014 EA Press Conference Trailer with some hauntingly beautiful cello-playing
by the very talented Irina Chirkova

ShackNews Interview

2nd ShackNews Interview, this time with Mike Laidlaw
(this wasn't uploaded until July 14)

Game Trailers interview, discusses both Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Day 2 - June 10, 2014



Full Twitch recording (skip to 1:43)
Just DA:I section:

IGN Interview & Gameplay Demo
watch below or click here for the 1080p version

There was a demo at E3 that was not broadcast, but the devs *may* upload it later.
Someone filmed a portion of it, it is below, and click here for the forum discussion

Edit: Sadly, it's been taken down. Found another upload..

Escapist News interview

Day 3 - June 11, 2014
Click here to see Screenshots



GameSpot interview

Alternate for today's GameSpot interview, recorded and uploaded by forum member littlenikki

Day 4 - June 12, 2014

Save Game Online: Interview with Mark Darrah


gamermd83's Sit Down with Bioware

Bioware Interview @ Polygon E3 booth

Interview with PC Gamer

AlchemicDreamAD interview

Game Trailers discussion

LordNod interview

Primers by Lady Insanity

E3 Primer: Introduction to the Inquisition

Pre-E3 Screenies from Bioware


Dragon Age Inquisition Character Vivienne