Modding & Save Game Viewers

As most people who play the Dragon Age series on PC know, we have a large and very intelligent modding community. Below are some resources for those who would like to use mods. Mods are usually only available on PC, although some Xbox save file viewing & editing has been able to be done for the first 2 games.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Toolset
Save game editing

My personal all-time favorite mod for Origins is the Skip the Fade mod. After the first 4 play-throughs of the game, I'd had enough of that fade portion, and it was a lifesaver!

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 is a bit more difficult to create mods for, and there were no tools released to modders for it. There are still some things that are do-able. See the Dragon Age 2 Nexus for available mods and texture changes.

You can also use Gibbed Save Editor to create a Dragon Age: Origins save for import into Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age 2 mods list on Google Code list of projects on the old BSN

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Update: I'm hearing a terrible rumor that Bioware purposely broke the ability to mod this game in Patch 6. Is this true? Please leave a comment below. Official word is that Bioware did not break modding on purpose, but that the breakage appears to be a by-product of the fact that they do not factor the existence of mods into their QA testing. See the first post on this page for how to back up to Patch 5 to keep using your mods.

So far there have been a few retextures and such for the game, along with tweaks for the PC UI and the tactical camera, and the ability to get rid of the horrible pajamas while the Inquisitor is in Skyhold. I'm sure there is more to follow as people figure out the workings of the new save structure and how the game is built in Frostbite.

January 26, 2015: Ehamloptiran has started a project for a patch to fix bugs in the game.
Dragon Age: Inquisition Community Patch - You will need the DAI Mod Manager, linked below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Modding Tools | How to download and use the toolset | DAI Tools on the Nexus:

Want to change that pajamas you are forced to use on Skyhold ? Give hair to Solas ? Make Leliana red headead again ? Here we discuss what we know so far and we even have a tool to view the game assets files (CAS) and the game save files (DAS), courtesy of Warranty Voider (ME3 modding tools) and Ehamloptiran (Skyrim, Bioshock modding tools), wogoodes  and others who did many mods for games.

The goal is to make a Creation Kit like Skyrim's to allow modders to change game assests. Will we get there ? Stay tuned.

Modding/cheat engine
Cinematic Tools
DAI Mod Manager
Dragon Age Mods on Nexus
Romance unlocks

More to come!

Save game resources to help use Dragon Age Keep

Xelrach on Nexusmods built a Dragon Age: Origins save viewer.

DASaveReader is a tool that will read your Origins save file and print out your decisions so they can easily be entered into Keep. This projects supports all quests in Origins and in the DLCs.

This will allow you to open your DA:O save to see what choices you made, so you can go through the Dragon Age Keep and apply your choices without having to try to recall them. Sometimes it's hard to remember what you did all those years ago, and if you have multiple play-throughs it makes it even more difficult. So give his save viewer a shot before tearing your hair out in frustration!

Then we have another save reader that can work on both Origins and Dragon Age 2, created by Jacobus Meulen and hosted on the StinStin site. It is not 100% complete for Dragon Age 2 and does have a few bugs, so please read the information on the page. You can give it a shot here. Also see this post on the Bioware forums that contains a list of the decisions not handled by this tool. You can read more about the tool and the reasons behind it on his about page.

Don't forget that you can also use the Dragon Age Keep Companion as you go through the Keep to remind you of quest details.

I have not finished moving the site but am opening up comments due to Patch 6 rumors mod breakage.

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