Preparation & Review Videos

It's been a glut of information out there the past few day since the embargo lifted on the 11th, then EA Access started for the game. See the ratings/reviews page for reviews and a list of articles. View the videos that have come out since then below.

If you are short on time, at least make sure to watch these first 4, which are from Bioware - especially A World Asunder.

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Official Teaser – The Breach

and some new screens:

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Tips & Tricks – Tactical Camera

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Tips & Tricks – Classes & Specializations

A World Asunder: The Events Leading Up To Dragon Age: Inquisition

SpartanJesters - Dragon Age Inquisition GIVEAWAY + Content Coming Soon!

Shacknews - Dragon Age Inquisition Interview w/ Cameron Lee

New never-before-seen music video for Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

Game Informer: [podcast] GI Show 225: Dragon Age Inquisition, AC Unity & Rogue, Halo

Lady Insanity has a video on AI pathing and movements
Inquisitor Tips: AI Pathing and Movement [Dragon Age: Inquisition]

Game Spot: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Attempting to Slay the Northern Hunter Dragon - A brave mage and his companions attempt to take on the vicious Northern Hunter dragon

Xbox Achievements: The Dragon Age: Inquisition Community Experiment Continues Later Today
[Contains the prior day's episode, also]

A lot of people joined us for the first instalment in our Dragon Age: Inquisition Community Experiment last night, and originally we had intended to make it a weekly thing. That will still be the case, but tonight we're sneaking in a second episode so that you fine folks can see more of the game before its launch next week.

Playstation Universe: Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 Video - Gameplay impressions: Shutting down a rift

In parallel with our Dragon Age Inquisition review, where we named Bioware’s adventure as “the best RPG of the year,” we created the following video, showcasing our gameplay impressions as we played through a specific mission.

PlayStationLifeStyle has some videos on Character Creation and the in-game menu system. Tomorrow they're putting up another on crafting and one with some game play footage captured from the PS4.

PlayStationLifeStyle: Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Character Creation

PlayStationLifeStyle: Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Game Interface & Menus