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Multiplayer was announced for Dragon Age: Inquisition a few days before PAX Prime. There will be hands-on demos at PAX for people to try it out!

More information is coming out at PAX - I'll merge into here after PAX is over. See the PAX Prime coverage page for additional info.


From the Multiplayer announcement:

From Scylla Costa, Dragon Age: Inquisition producer.

We are very happy and excited to announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition will have a multiplayer mode! Separate from the massive single-player campaign, Dragon Age multiplayer is a four-player co-op dungeon-crawling adventure is set in the world of Thedas during the Inquisition. So, invite your friends and be ready to play your role in this tactical and action-paced game mode. Dragon Age multiplayer will have a deep crafting system, many different types of potions, twelve different characters and, of course, a variety of strong and challenging foes.

If you are going to attend PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle (August 29-September 1), drop by the Microsoft booth (412, 422, 432) and play Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer with support from our developers. If you want to know even more about this mode, you can also attend one of our panels at the PAX BioWare Base. We have also prepared a quick multiplayer FAQ that you can access here [link added].

Gather your friends before venturing forth!

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gamermd83 put an informational video out on it..

More Information:

Cliff notes:
  • 4 player co-op (you can run with less than 4, but it will be harder)
  • Missions take 20-30 minutes to complete
  • No cross-platform
  • You play as an agent of the Inquisition and will be briefed about your mission at the beginning by one of the 3 advisors (Leliana, Josephine or Cullen)
  • Earn gold through missions/weekly operations and/or purchase platinum
  • Nothing will be behind a pay wall; you can loot or earn the same items or just buy platinum to get them
  • You can loot gold or armor in the mission, then buy chests at the end of missions that contain potions, recipes, etc
  • Looted gold is automatically shared between party members
  • No gear is shared between single player & multiplayer; they are completely separate, as are the economies. The endings in single player will likewise not be affected by anything in multiplayer.
  • Crafting in MP is through salvaging gear you don't want then creating gear that you do. You will not harvest resources like in the single player game.
  • There will be an Inquisition HQ online, accessible via tablet, PC, and smart phone to handle inventory and crafting on your MP characters so that you don't have to do it in-game
  • Twelve characters, four for each class (warrior, rogue, and mage), will be available at launch. These are pre-defined and cannot be customized except for their armor and weapons, and they have their own banter system
    • 2 examples:
    • Reaver: female warrior, 2 handed & Legionnaire: sword & shield dwarf male
    • More that we've seen:
    • Another warrior: Male Qunari - Katari
    • Mages: Female Dalish Keeper, Male (?) Elementalist, Necromancer, Arcane Warrior
    • Rogues: Female Dwarf Alchemist, Male Human Archer, Assassin
    • They will be showing some/all of these at PAX Prime
  • New characters are unlocked by crafting their armor.
  • There are no exclusive multiplayer achievements, but there will be a challenge system on the multiplayer side at launch
  • The challenge system will also be used for a weekly operation. Completing the operation will earn a reward
  • Single player and multiplayer were developed side by side
  • Multiplayer has been in development for at least the last 2 years
  • The tactical cam and pausing will not be available to use in multiplayer
  • There will not be a way to transfer items between characters. If you get an item you don't like or can't use, you can salvage it for crafting materials.
  • Multiplayer level cap is 20. At 20 you can promote your character and start it over with an additional attribute point. Promoting also gives more Prestige points on the leaderboards.
  • There will be more characters and maps after launch. These will all be free
  • Mounts cannot be used in these maps
  • There will be a Tevinter map and one in an Orlesian Palace at launch, along with the one shown in the videos which is the Elven Ruins map.
  • There will be 3 enemy factions: Demons, Venatori, and Red Templars
  • Mission maps are randomly generated from a set number of possible pieces from one of the 3 maps.
  • There will be items or areas only reachable or interact-able with certain character types. For example, a warrior can bust a wall down, or a rogue can pick a lock on a door, but if you don't have one of those characters in your party you will not be able to access it
  • When an ally is killed, the enemies get tougher
  • More to come as I get this organized
Other Resources:

There is a Multiplayer group on the Bioware forums - sign up now to set up in November
Multiplayer IRC channel and instructions

Screen shots: