First Look

posted Aug 2, 2014, 1:10 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Aug 2, 2014, 1:12 PM ]
This recent tweet from Bioware's Allan Schumacher says it all:

at AllanSchumacher Playing with the hashtag dragonagekeep Oooo, ahhhh.  Ohhhhh! :P

^This. Pretty much this all over.

I'd been religiously checking my inbox daily for an email from Bioware inviting me to beta test the Keep, so when I finally saw it in my inbox, the whole house was alerted by a whoop of joy. (Just a note for people waiting for an invitation: Make sure you know which email address is associated with your Origin account, check your spam folder, and give it a good 2 hours past the time of the last tweet from the devs saying that day's invites had gone out. Sometimes it takes a while to show up.)

My first thought upon entering the Keep was: Wow. My second was: I'm home! I was like a kid in a virtual candy store; I didn't know where to click first, and I wanted it all right now!


After calming myself, I started poking around a bit. I've gotta say, I was impressed. They have put a lot of work into the Keep... which reminded me that I was there to do a job and not just ogle the goods. I spent a good amount of time poking around and familiarizing myself with both the Keep and the rest of the beta testers.

First look result: It's pretty solid, and the way it looked got me excited for Inquisition all over again. From the look and feel to the feature set, I think players are going to really enjoy creating their world states.