Articles with mis-information

posted Sep 15, 2014, 12:49 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Sep 15, 2014, 12:50 PM ]
I'm seeing a lot of articles out there, especially recently, with some mis-information that I'd like to help clear up.

First up: The Keep is not going to be "bundled" with the game. It's a stand-alone web site on the internet that will be opened to the public around a month before the game is released. At that time people can start setting up their world states. It is unknown how many world state slots we'll have available when it's released, but it should be at least the current maximum of 5, and that will allow us all to get started so we'll be ready to import when we are able to log into the game.

Secondly, the world states we create have a LOT of choices in them, but not all of those choices or decisions will be reflected or remarked upon in Inquisition. How could they be? Like I said, there are a lot of them. One of the main points of the Keep is to have a complete world state - what our Warden and Hawke did, all the choices they made, the friends and enemies they made, who they romanced, who they murder-knifed, and so on. If some part of Inquisition needs to know what choice the Warden made at a particular time, then that data will be used - otherwise it won't be.

For example, using a random quest, let's say the Warden had great fun with Slim's crime spree in Denerim. If this is a choice in the Keep, we'd say what our Warden did accordingly. In Inquisition, someone that was stolen from during that crime spree may make an appearance and comment that xxx was taken from them. However, that person may not show until Dragon Age 4, and make the comment then.

The Keep is a means of storage of our world state in its entirety for usage in any future games. There is absolutely no guarantee that a given choice will be used or remarked upon in Inquisition. It could be used in Dragon Age 4, or 5, or never. Something from Dragon Age 2 could be a branching point in Dragon Age 4 - you just never know.

By all means, have fun entering all your world state information and make it as complete as you can, but do not expect to see every little thing reflected in Inquisition. We hopefully have many Dragon Age games to come, and that information will be needed for all of them.