Article on the Keep from Game Rant

posted Aug 15, 2014, 10:37 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 10:38 AM ]
Game Rant came out with a new article on the Dragon Age Keep after speaking with Cameron Lee about it.

A couple of snippets:

The Dragon Age series is known for its compelling narrative, and BioWare has created a way for fans of the franchise to continue their stories, complete with the choices their characters have made in-game.


Speaking with Joystiq, Lee stated that he expects the Keep system to not only be included in any future titles in the Dragon Age franchise, but to be used by other series developed by BioWare. “I think future BioWare games would do it,” said Lee. “It depends if that would work for them, in terms of if it suits that game. If we did other Dragon Age games I’m sure we’d use it.”

Lee stated that it was unlikely to feature in the Mass Effect series any time soon. “I’m not sure that a Mass Effect is going to use it or not,” he said. Lee also gave some insight into just how the Dragon Age Keep has been created. ”We’ve got all the back-end technology for the studio,” Lee said. “It’s actually been a central studio team that’s been working on the fundamental tech for this. Then the Dragon Age team supports it.”

The Keep will allow players to pick and choose exactly what questions they answer about their story. A player will not need to answer all of the hundreds of questions available, for instance. The program is currently still in beta, but will give Dragon Age fans the core story questions initially before moving on to the minutiae that makes up the immersive Dragon Age experience. There is also an algorithm that stops contradictory and conflicting story events. It will be interesting to see just how the Keep works in practice, but for now it’s a promising solution for cross-platform series such as Dragon Age.

I'd actually be really surprised if Bioware doesn't take advantage of the Keep for their other games. Mass Effect has its own world where players make a ton of decisions as well, and I could definitely see the back-end technology behind the Keep being used to keep track of it.

The Dragon Age Keep will definitely be used for future titles in the franchise, and it will grow in features as we go along. As I stated in the FAQ, the Keep will never truly be finished :)