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Patch 3 for PC hitting soon: release notes

posted Jan 19, 2015, 6:47 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Feb 10, 2015, 3:18 AM ]
Note: The hotfix for Patch 3 brought the numbering scheme to 1.04, which their official blog post was updated to show instead of 1.03. The list of fixes is the same. The patch that went out to XBox and PlayStation was called "Patch 4" and included both the patch and the hotfix, so the next patch will bring the version up to 1.05.

Looks like Patch 3 will be hitting PC soon (release notes below). There are a few changes for the PC UI, but not many yet. Looks like a good start; I know many have wanted the walk toggle, so that should make a good many players happy. They are also putting in a fix for the banter issue.

From the Bioware Blog:

In the upcoming Patch 3 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our primary focus was on fixing bugs, particularly ones that blocked progression or hampered the player experience.

Based on feedback from our players, we tweaked the banter system to be less random in order to prevent extra-long periods of silence. We fixed quest blockers in the personal quests of Dorian and Sera as well as a spawning issue in Solas’s personal quest (I won’t elaborate to avoid light spoilers).

We targeted several issues in multiplayer, fixing the case that caused keys to not drop, as well as fixing issues with the Reaver’s rampage ability. There were also some balance changes, including tweaks to the Demon Commander and the Strength of Spirits ability to make it more useful.

We added some much-requested features, including key binding that allows walking for PC and push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match summary and armor upgrade menus. We also added a new multiplayer Destruction route, and players can now challenge themselves in the fiery Elven Ruins.

You can find a comprehensive list of the upcoming fixes in Patch 3 for PC below. We’ll release more information on patches for consoles in the future, so stay tuned for more updates.

We continue to listen to feedback from our players, and we thank everyone for working with us to create an even better Dragon Age experience.

For patch notes in other languages, click here


Dragon Age™: Inquisition 1.03


From a development standpoint, Patch 3 was a small, bug-fix only patch to address some high-frequency issues affecting the majority of our players.


Added key binding that allows players to walk.
Added mouse cursor scaling.
Fixed issue that could result in the mouse getting stuck in mouse-look mode when players alt-tabbed out of the game in full-screen mode.
Fixed display bars to correctly reflect items that alter maximum health.


Changed party banter system to be less random to prevent extra-long periods where no conversations would occur.
Fixed issue that could result in one of Dorian’s conversations not being available for some players.
Fixed issue that could result in a cutscene not firing for Dorian’s plot when players enter the Gull and Lantern.
Fixed issue that could result in Sera’s Verchiel plot being broken.
Fixed issue with the demon that could spawn during Solas’s personal quest.
Changed Tactical Camera so that it no longer re-centers when the player changes party members.
Fixed exploit that allowed for infinite influence.
Fixed issue that allowed players to exploit their gold value in single-player mode.
Fixed allied mage AI so they did not dispel targets that the player had frozen.
Fixed issue that caused the bar displaying armor rating to not update correctly for crafted gear.
Fixed issue that caused extra potions granted by items to be lost when players return to Skyhold.
Fixed issue that caused Mind Blast’s upgrade, Fortifying Blast, to not provide additional barrier.
Fixed issue that could result in the opt-in conversation UI continuing to be displayed if players opted out very quickly as the UI was starting to be displayed.
Fixed issue that could result in the world map being permanently displayed in the Storm Coast.
Fixed issue that could result in being unable to switch party members after looting.
Fixed issue that could result in party members not following orders to revive a party member in Tactical Camera mode.
Fixed issue that could result in people being unable to discover all the regions in the Exalted Plains.
Fixed issue that could cause dragons to become unresponsive.
Fixed issue that would cause dragons to freeze during their roar.
Fixed issue that could cause some conversations to be “hitchy.”
Fixed issue that could cause Varric’s legs to do odd things in some opt-in conversations.
Fixed Masterwork Prowler Armor so it no longer distorts on certain characters.
Fixed issue that could cause Harmon to disappear in certain circumstances.
Fixed a few non-herb crafting materials that were showing up in the Herbs section of the inventory. They are now correctly in the Other section.


Enabled push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match screen.
Enabled push-to-talk in the multiplayer armor upgrade menu.
Fixed issue where changing multiplayer match settings would take effect without confirming changes.
Fixed issue that could result in players entering multiplayer matches without any mapped abilities in certain circumstances.
Fixed case that could cause keys to not drop in multiplayer mode.
Fixed issue that would cause the potion mapped to the first slot to also be used when pushing the 9 key in multiplayer mode.
Fixed issue that would cause the camera to spin at the end of a multiplayer match and not display the end of match screen.
Fixed issue in multiplayer mode that would result in the healing portion of Rampage to stop working in certain circumstances.
Tuned Strength of Spirits to be more useful in multiplayer mode.
Tweaked the balance of the Demon Commander in multiplayer mode.
Fixed issue that could result in items not displaying their cards when chests are opened in multiplayer mode.
Fixed issue that could cause pots to respawn in certain circumstances in multiplayer mode.

Conal popped in to the PC Community Concerns thread on the Bioware Forum to update everyone on the upcoming patch, and had this to say about the PC UI concerns that most have in there:

Because the development cycle for Patch 3 fell over the holiday period, our priority focus for this patch were items that blocked progress (like key drop or Dorian's quest) and other bug fixes. It's important for us that our devs have time at the holidays to spend with their loved ones and families, and after a long production cycle, this was some well deserved time off.

We are still working on future items and improvements for later patches based on the feedback we have received here and elsewhere. I can't give you any specifics as of yet, but as Scylla said, improving PC mouse and keyboard controls is still a priority for us. The fact that we weren't able to get it into patch 3 doesn't change that priority, as not at bugs and features are created (or solved) equal.

I can't provide further updates until after Patch 3 is out, but I will give more info once it's possible to do so.

Update #2:
The hotfix to the above patch to fix crafted shields was Patch #4 for PC, and a combination of the patch and hotfix went out to XBox and PlayStation.