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Only 10 days remain - the Inquisition cometh

posted Nov 8, 2014, 12:28 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Nov 8, 2014, 12:29 AM ]
The North America release of Dragon Age: Inquisition is only 10 days away. I'm giving fair warning now that unless there is a major catastrophe the day of launch, I won't be around these parts - I'll be knee deep in Thedas :D So.. just a warning that news may be slow to update here for a bit.

Bioware took comments from a few recent articles and compiled everyone's impressions of Inquisition on their blog. It's pretty awesome to see all the positive comments, although they don't do much for calming my state of hype. I'll put some of them below, and you can read the rest at their blog post.

Gamespot: Will Dragon Age: Inquisition Restore the Faith?
"I was pretty impressed with the character creation, unexpectedly so… They're much more in depth that I expected them to be."

Polygon: Dragon Age: Inquisition: the first five hours
"It's a testament to BioWare's ability to forge a connection between myself and the world of its games that I was willing to replay this same stretch of game so many times while also on a deadline."

GamesBeat: Dragon Age: Inquisition ties your smallest actions into a continent-wide power struggle
"…the maps to each of Inquisition's many, visually distinct areas are loaded with objectives big and small."

PC Gamer: Dragon Age Inquisition: Hands-on with the first five hours
"…Bioware's [sic] invariably smart approach to player choice and creating an interesting, relatable cast is even more welcome than normal."

The Escapist: Dragon Age is Back in a Big Way with Dragon Age: Inquisition
"There's just a lot to see and do, and the world feels more alive than ever - I even got to witness a dragon and a giant beating each other up."

MMORPG: Dragon Age: Inquisition Previews: An Action RPG for a New Generation
"…it's clear that Bioware [sic] has gone all in to create a current-gen Dragon Age game." Dragon Age: Inquisition
"They've really taken it to the next level with what they've done with Frostbite…"

Gaming Nexus: Dragon Age: Inquisition
"This is the sort of game that you can get sucked into and lose yourself in…"