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Legacy BSN data to be made read-only

posted Oct 7, 2014, 9:44 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Oct 7, 2014, 9:45 AM ]
Dragon Age Keep ‏@DragonAgeKeep
We're making your Dragon Age data read-only on BSN while we work on the Keep's syncing issues. Find out more:

Post in its entirety:

As many of you in the Keep beta know, syncing your achievements, titles, rewards and hero avatars from DAO and DA2 to the Dragon Age Keep has been pretty wonky, and not working as it should. To help us resolve this issue, we'll be making some changes to the way the BSN stores your Dragon Age data.Please note that this may not fix all issues, but it will be a big step towards repairing the Keep's syncing function.

In order to properly allow us to work on and update the Keep with several key fixes, during this time we will be:
  • Setting the legacy BSN site to read-only;
  • Turning off the Keep sync service;
  • And transitioning all that Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II data from the legacy BSN site to the Keep.
So what does this mean, exactly?

Legacy BSN data set to read-only:
  • Once set to read-only, playing DAO or DA2 and uploading a hero portrait, etc. to the game servers will no longer appear on the Legacy BSN.
  • The Profile Diagnostic page on the Legacy BSN site will also stop working.
We're placing the sync feature of the Keep in maintenance mode while we work on this:

  • DAO Custom heroes (heroes you already had synched to the Keep) will temporarily disappear from the Keep. If you were using one of your custom heroes as your Warden in any world state, they will be swapped for one of the Keep’s provided default heroes which matches the same gender, class, race, origin combination. This means no changes to your world state/tapestry story, except that your Warden’s name and avatar image will change to the default.
  • If you play DAO during this time and upload your hero portrait, this will not appear on the Keep for now.
  • The Keep’s career section will reset DAO achievements during this time. Some elements in career - such as reward items - may still work.

  • DA2 custom heroes (heroes you already had synced to the Keep) will remain as they are – no impact is expected.
  • If you play DA2 during this time and upload your hero portrait, this will not appear on the Keep for now.
  • The Keep’s career section for DA2 should remain as-is, no impact is expected.

Transition data from legacy BSN to Keep:

  • At some point during the process, one of the fixes will see us migrate this data from legacy BSN to Keep. There is not a set day yet for this, and it is unlikely to be communicated publicly (in other words, it’ll just happen at some point).
  • Any new data uploaded from playing DAO or DA2 during this time will still not appear (as per above), until we complete the rest of fixes and roll these out publicly.

What happens after:
  • Once we complete this work, the new fixes and data will re-sync the next time you enter the Keep.
  • As usual, we will communicate remaining known issues that were not addressed by this work. And we encourage you to send us feedback using the tool within the Keep.

How long do we expect this to take:
  • The fixes themselves will be quick, but this work is scheduled as part of additional features and other work for Keep. The team tries to do major site updates every two weeks, so tentatively this is around when we expect to see this (and the other) updates to appear on the public site.
Please note that during this time you’ll still be able to use default heroes for your world states, and the Keep will otherwise be working as normal. We appreciate your patience as we work to solve these syncing issues.

The Dragon Age Keep Online Team