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GameStop Midnight Release for Dragon Age: Inquisition

posted Nov 16, 2014, 12:13 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Nov 16, 2014, 12:15 AM ]
It looks like those of you who were wanting to do a midnight pickup at GameStop can pick up the game at midnight EST in your time zone. Call the number below or the location where you are picking it up to verify your store is doing this (please do this so you don't waste a trip!), but it looks like that is the case. Have fun!

From the GameStop page (emphasis mine):

Join us on Monday night, 11/17, to celebrate
the release of Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, GTA V,
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (for XBox 360 and PS3)
and WWE 2K15 (for XBox One and PS4).

Our doors will open 9pm in most locations, but check with your local store for opening times.

These titles will be available for pick-up at 12:01am Eastern Standard time. Customers will be able to pick their copy the game up at the following times based on their time zone:

Eastern: 12:01am on 11/18/14
Central: 11:01pm on 11/17/14
Mountain: 10:01pm on 11/17/14
Pacific: 9:01pm on 11/17/14
Alaskan: 8:01pm on 11/17/14
Hawaiian: 7:01pm on 11/17/14

Don't forget to bring your trade-ins to take advantage of our great trade specials to reduce the price of your game. Everybody likes to save money!

We would love to hear from you about your experience. So, follow the instructions on your sales receipt to let us know how the midnight launch was at your local GameStop.

Want to learn more? Call this hotline number for more details: 1-888-490-7664