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Forty Five Minutes to go, and the Chant of Light Video

posted Nov 17, 2014, 8:15 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Nov 17, 2014, 8:16 PM ]
The BIG story tonight is that the recitation of the Chant of Light by fans of the Dragon Age series was released today. Game Sided has a feature story on it, as well.

This has been in planning for a very long time, and it took quite a few people to bring it all together. Everyone involved turned what was "just" a piece of lore (albeit a large, important piece of lore) into something completely beautiful. Congratulations to everyone, and big thanks go out to Chachi for the idea and organizing and Ability Drain for putting the video and audio pieces together.

This would be perfect to listen to right before starting the game at midnight.

And now, without further ado...

My part was small, but I love how so many people (52 from around the world) came together to bring life to the Chant.

Shout outs to other Chanters Narcia_, Ana, @mysteriouspast, @R2sMuse, @DA_Fan_Official, @LothLorien19, @HappieSun, @AbilityDrain, Jenny, @i_likesocks, Ann, Donna, @tarahiro, @tehJessiCat, @sammy_jaye13, Shawna, Joanne, @KayBondAuthor, @P_andaa, @HuffleGirl77, @Joshua902, Kelly, Martin, @MxNikki, @grlluvsgaming, Anaka, Boom, Allow, @ladyacomstock, @Faerie_Dragon, @TempestAriel, @Teddiliza, @SimplyAllegra, @KllrMannequin, @AnticsOfAnthony, @SeeTheFlickers, @Lionessgirl55, @Galagraphia and I know that's not all of you so CONTACT ME - let me know if you want your name up in here! Each of you did a WONDERFUL job and your voices together made the Chant so beautiful!