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[Off Topic] Ergonomic Keyboards

posted Sep 24, 2015, 8:45 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Sep 24, 2015, 7:00 PM ]
My day job as a programmer plus my nights filled with more work + working on web sites (especially lately with this site move) have all not been kind to my wrists and hands. I've been looking into an ergonomic keyboard and have narrowed it down to the Microsoft Ergonomic (or the version without the mouse) if I need to stay under $100, or if I can go all out I want something with mechanical key switches like the Matias Ergo Pro from Ergo Canada. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good one that they've used? The main point of getting one for me is to eliminate hand and wrist fatigue and pain.. after doing this sort of work for over 20 years, I'm looking at ulnar nerve entrapment and carpal tunnel syndrome as my new best friends going forward (not to mention the degenerative arthritis that's already there). Coding is in my blood, though, so I'll probably be doing it for a long time to come, even if I have to use dictation software to get it done ;) 

I currently use the Logitech Wave and have multiples for home and one at work. While it's much better and easier on the hands than a normal keyboard, unfortunately it just isn't enough anymore.

Since Google Sites (where this site is hosted) doesn't allow commenting, until I get the site moved please send me a note from the contact page if you have any suggestions. I'll post later about any new gems that get suggested, and what I eventually end up getting.