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Dragon Age Keep news, videos, and Keep Companion

posted Oct 31, 2014, 8:18 AM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Oct 31, 2014, 8:18 AM ]
The Dialogue Wheel is creating a guide on the decisions in the Keep. Many have yet to be added, but it's shaping up to be quite the handy information source. As you go through the Keep, if you can't remember what a certain decision or quest entailed, head on over to the Keep Companion for an explanation!

Bioware Base: What is the Keep?

Introducing The Dragon Age Keep

The world of Dragon Age has a rich history, with many pivotal moments playing out over the course of the previous games. A new ruler took the throne of Ferelden. An Archdemon was slain. A war between templars and mages erupted. Along the way, decisions large and small that shaped their personal Dragon Age experience were made by each player.

That's why we created the Dragon Age Keep, a web app designed to run on modern browsers using HTML5 technology. No downloads or installations required! Because Dragon Age: Inquisition does not support a traditional save-import feature, the Keep is how you’ll transfer your previous decisions into the game by creating your own unique world history.

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