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Dragon Age: Inquisition Updates from PAX Prime 2015

posted Aug 29, 2015, 5:52 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 8:19 PM ]
Saturday, August 29
PAX Prime panel streamed on Twitch TV

New Game + (kind of)
After the next game update, there will be a golden nug in Skyhold. Click on it and all of your collections (schematics, etc) will upload to the Dragon Age Servers. The nug will show up in Haven and Skyhold on all your characters whether you create a new character or have one mid-game, so you can sync your collections from any of them and use them on any character as well.

For example, your end-game character clicks the nug and your hard-won schematics and mounts and everything else uploads to the server. You make a new character and click the nug in Haven, it downloads all that information and you can use those schematics on that character. You then launch the game with your mid-game character, click the nug and it will bring in those items, plus upload any new ones that are on that character. 

Being both dynamic and bi-directional, it sounds like an extremely cool feature for those of us who like to replay the game.

Looks like they really outdid themselves with this one - they showed quite a few different outfits to choose from to wear in Skyhold. No more PJs! This will also be in the next game update/patch.

Mike Laidlaw said this is the end.. the last DLC for Inquisition. Looks like it's a doozy, though.

It's an epilogue of sorts - you get to find/meet with your companions and see what they've been up to in the last 2 years (that's right.. it's set 2 years after the end of Inquisition) - but we'll also get a new, big plot with the Qunari that "hints at what may be coming in the future". This DLC will only be available post-game, and will be on the war table.

I won't spoil the trailer if you haven't seen it yet, but if you haven't, watch it now! 

Trespasser DLC Trailer

Nothing was said about when these will be out, but I'll keep my eyes peeled and post it here when they announce it.
Edit: The DLC will be released September 8 and its price will be $14.99, same as the others.
And here is the Twitch stream for those who would like to see it. The announcements are in the last 15 minutes or so (skip to 44:20).

Late addition: Joe Juba has an article and interview with Mike Laidlaw up on Game Informer about the upcoming changes.