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Crafting in Inquisition

posted Aug 11, 2014, 7:36 AM by Princess Stabbity
Gaming Bolt has a short article about Inquisition's crafting system, taken from a conversation with Mike Laidlaw. In the first paragraph they misquote him as saying the crafting options are "something that have never been done before," which is incorrect: this type of crafting has never been done in Dragon Age before. They do quote him correctly later, but they've been made aware of the error by a commenter and have yet to fix it.

This is certainly not the biggest error or problem we've seen in articles about Inquisition - there have been some articles that needed to be thrown out entirely due to bad information - but it's this type of thing that misinforms people and leads to incorrect expectations.

“Ultimately, this system is based around patterns and schematics. This sword takes some metal and you have a selection of metals and obviously you may want to use the best one, but you might have some that are comparable and say “oh no, I want the one that does extra damage to demons, etc..etc..” So, you’re making choices, you’re trying to be kind of tactical with how you use it and you might have limited resources because you haven’t gone out and found any. When you make your own blade, I want you to feel like you built to your spec, but you can have the appearance you want,” he said.