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BioWare Forum Shutdown: Fexelea's Forum Post - Save your BioWare Post History

posted Aug 9, 2016, 12:32 PM by Princess Stabbity   [ updated Aug 9, 2016, 12:33 PM ]
Archiving this here in case it suddenly goes away on the BioWare forum. Where Fexelea says in the instructions to "post here and leave your usernames", actually do that at the original post if possible: If it is not possible to post there any longer, try reaching her on her site (, and if that doesn't work contact me; let me know that information and I will get it to her.

Posted 04 August 2016 - 05:02 AM

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    Hi everyone


    I have been collaborating with several users as we all find a new forum home to discuss bioware. Many new places have popped up, but...

    I would like to give everyone the option of continuing your discussions with your posting history/post count intact. You get a (f)extra life!




    How to Save your Post History:


    1. Create an account on Fextralife. Click here to do so

    You can use whatever email you want, but disposable emails are not allowed to prevent spam registrations. If you have security and privacy concerns, please be assured we salt and hash passwords on creation so they are impossible to retrieve, and we have a privacy policy, as well as other 55,000+ registered members who have been around for years can attest we don't spam or distribute your info. You can PM me any questions.


    2. Reply to this thread naming your Fextralife account.

    This will enable me to create a "masterlist" for merging Fextra user >< Bioware user and assigning your bioware posts to the account.


    3. Wait for post import / Tell others about this possibility

    The proof of concept is ready. I can do it - however I need to have as many accounts created as possible so people can get their histories imported. Please spread the word so users can opt in. Of course you can post on the fextra board while you wait for your history, they will be merged (Bioware section:






    • I don't like the theme!
      The board is undergoing a redesign. It will look more modern and responsive when we are done. We will also introduce option of dark or light scheme.
    • Why aren't you merging this with the boards setup by other members at proboards? 
      Free hosted forums do not give administrators database access. You are tied to them henceforth and severely limited in your administrative capabilities. I have had bad experiences and I have my own board installation running on a large server, so it makes sense to do it this way
    • Why isn't this on it's own domain?
      Getting a domain off the ground is a really intensive task. I believe that communities can grow, and given the success of the off-topic boards here before I think merging into a gaming community could give that outlet in a natural manner.
    • I want to be a moderator / community manager
      Please PM me - I'm very happy to welcome active community members to positions of responsibility. Since we have an active forum, we already have a recruitment process with simple questions. Please be aware all moderators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect user privacy.
    • There's content [here], please save it
      I will focus on the larger boards first, and legacy games second. I do not know what to do about the language boards at this stage, as they seem to add a lot of clutter to an already huge board.


    Other Features

    • I host these myself, they won't be shutting down and I won't be getting bored of it anytime soon.
    • We have hosted large forums for years, you can join an existing, bug-tested and reliable forum with an established track record.
    • Current moderation is impartial, your opinions are welcome (with civility of course). No fan will be ostracized for their choices and we don't lock topics frequently.
    • We have reputation, ranks, notifications, bookmarks, friend and foe, and such features already implemented
    • Advertising is completely handled by us, there's one ad on the footer, you won't be seeing any malware from bad ads.
    • You can also post in several of our other forums, including Dark Souls, Witcher, TESO, Divinity, Fallout and of course off-topic
    • The account allows you to post articles to our blog, reaching all our readership
    • You get immediate editing access to all our wikis. Our Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda wikis will be cross-posting comments to their respective boards as well, assisting with Q&A.



    Proof of concept:


    Bioware forum: https://forum.biowar...hattered-steel/
    Fextra Test forum:



     [snip super long list of user names being brought together at]